Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Free floss each month with the Floss Club

A very busy Christmas season is over, Santa Nancy has mailed all the gifts....time to dye more floss for limited editions.
Have you joined the Floss Club?  Quite a few of you have joined and I thank you.
You get a free skein each month. 20 yards of over dyed floss goes a long ways. If you purchased that from another company it would be over $10. So if you bought 6 skeins (and you are getting one free) 120 yards that would be over $60 from other companies. You will pay $14.85 delivered as my floss is wholesale to you. The 12 skein box also has one free skein.

I have had many requests over the past few years for a Floss Club. I thought I might be a bit too busy for this....and then I thought it would be a great way to share with more stitchers...so here are the details!
Two choices for floss!

I gave this a lot of thought. I know many of you would like the Ultimate Collection of 135 skeins (I will be adding more colors next year). It is $333.  With DMC conversions on each label. Lets do this:

If you have already purchased some of the Ultimate Collection I will also have another option!

Join at any time, just remember I ship on the 5th of each month.

You can join two ways. You can buy 6 skeins a month, 20 yards each and $2.45 each of the Ultimate Collection (*****you will be buying 5 and get one free!) $12.25 plus $2.60 postage. (states only)

***Adding this note....after several inquiries....yes I will ship world wide if you don't mind paying the postage. I can also combine  shipments and mail bi-monthly or quarterly. Maybe get a friend to sign up and split the postage would also be a suggestion.

Or you can buy 12 skeins in a gift box $26.95 (***** you will be buying 11 and get one free!) plus postage of $2.60.

*****OR you can receive special limited editions I will dye each month! Same deal...buy 6 (one free or buy 12 gift boxed and get one free!)  $2.45 each. I will try to do theme colors if a holiday falls in that month.

Now....you can buy one  month, 3 months, 6 months or be put on auto invoice on the 1st of each month, or you can pay for the whole year and get one month free!!!! email with orders. nbelgian@aol.com

Yes you can change from 6 to 12 skeins if you would like more at any time. So many questions coming in!

You can use paypal or personal check. I will be mailing these out on the 5th of each month so I would like payment by the 4th. I can send paypal invoices to you each month if that works for you.

I will have new boxed floss sets in early January as I will be dyeing floss all this week. It's always fun to start the new year with new floss colors!

Thanks for stopping by. Time to start on the dye pot.



  1. I loved getting mine last month! Those six colors of limited edition were well worth the cost!

  2. The limited edition 12 skein was fantastic in December!! I would recommend this collection highly!

  3. It was so much fun to get my 6 skeins of the Ultimate Floss Collection last month! Can't wait for this month's installment!! I wish I could afford to do each set! Maybe one of these days! Love your floss Nancy!

  4. Nancy
    Thank you for being amazing an doin amazing things with your floss so glad I took that plunge