Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Christmas boxed floss sets!

I have been keeping very busy these past few weeks dyeing 80,000 yards of floss! Lots of new colors. I will be taking these to the guild for them to card this week for their fundraiser. I like paying them knowing it is going for a fundraiser and it really helps both of us.

I dyed lots of new Christmas colors! I will have two different Christmas collections. Each set has the same 4 traditional and antique greens and the same 4 antique gold, brass and bronze. BUT there will be a set with 4 traditional Christmas reds and the other set will have 4 Victorian cranberry colors.
First is the Traditional Christmas collection. It comes gift boxed with a fold over card. I will print these with the name on the front tomorrow.

Next is the Victorian Christmas Collection with the cranberry colors.

In October I will be giving away a set of each. I have so many give-aways going right now I need to wait a bit on Christmas!
These are $24.95 available through me direct or they will be listed in my ebay store later today.
Back to work.....boxing floss! Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Favorite things give-away! Enter Now!!

As promised.....lets have another Favorite Things give-away!!! Those seem to be the "favorite" tell me your favorite things....floss.....trim bags......hand dyed linen or aida....charts.......a motto kit......lots to choose from.

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Drawing to be September 21st and you must check back to see if you are a winner. You must follow! Remember...I don't have time to hunt you down! lol
I will have a favorite things give-away in October and November too... so be sure to keep up with the posts. I don't just do Christmas in December.........I have Christmas all year long! I love to share with my faithful followers. I appreciate all of you and I thank you for following and all the kind comments you leave on the posts. I am blessed in many ways.......especially knowing all of you!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mother's Flower Garden gift box of floss give-away, enter now!

I am still working on the new gift boxes of floss and today I am adding Mother's Flower Garden. 12 skeins, 20 yards each.
Delphiniums, Phlox and Columbines in this set. Each boxed set has a different name and different floss.
Lets give one of these gift boxes away!

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Drawing to be September 15th. You must check back to see if you are a winner. You must follow!

I am working on my next flower set and a great Christmas gift box. Boxed and the blank fold over card so you can personalize the gift you are giving. Or give it to yourself! lol
These are $24.95 plus postage. Available direct, email me, or in my ebay store.
Good luck to everyone entering!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Halloween gift box of floss give-away, enter now!

I dyed some new Halloween colors and put together another limited edition gift box. 12 skeins, 20 yards each, 240 yards of stitching fun. Of course we have to give one away! $24.95 value!
Lots of variegated pumpkin shades, 2 variegated greys, a purple and a dark midnight purple.
I will be listing these in my ebay store this afternoon and available directly from me.
Rules: Same as always. You must be a follower at the right, click to follow by Faithful Friends. You must post a comment here. Be sure to post a comment on each give-away you want to enter.
You must check back to see if you are a must follow! lol. Drawing to be October 1st so lots of people have time to enter. Good luck to all! Let the comments begin!
P.S. If I am Santa Nancy through the Christmas I the good witch during Halloween???????? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Grandmother's Flower Garden boxed floss sets!

I am burning the midnight oil once again to play catch-up after the 4 months of the knee injury. So much to do and never enough time.

I put together a limited edition floss set, Grandmother's Flower Garden. Lots of beautiful flower colors in this larger gift box, 28 skeins! 20 yards each to stitch lots of beautiful Roses, Carnations, Violets, Sunflowers, Forget-Me-Nots, Lavender and Pansies! 4 colors to each flower.

Gift boxed with a gold stretch loop and a bow. These will be $56 plus postage. if you are interested.

Next I will be doing Auntie's Flower Garden so stay tuned. I may do some smaller gift boxes of flowers....haven't decided it. I still need to do the Christmas gift boxes too. Halloween? Is that too limited? Tell me what you think. I always appreciate your opinions. I don't do a lot of Halloween stitching but I know several friends that love that holiday. I tend to skip over it now that the grandsons are grown and I go right to Christmas decorating November 1st. Ok, sometimes a few days before Halloween.

I have been dyeing lots of floss.....LOTS! I found a local Embroidery guild and asked if they wanted to earn money by carding my floss....they said yes! (thank you Judy for suggesting that) I am thrilled as I can get thousands of skeins done in one day. I will be dropping off 30 colors, 2400 yards of each color, 3600 skeins! I would do a happy dance...but remember, I have the bad knee and ankle. OK....a little happy dance!

Back to the dye pot....I have to have all the floss dyed by the 1st for the guild.
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New boxed floss sets give-away enter now!

I had a great day yesterday on my birthday....thanks to many of you who made it so nice. Great presents, dinner out with my family (no cooking or dishes allowed on my birthday as my son spoils me) and a wonderful day with my family.

Today it was back to work and I started putting together some boxed sets of floss with new autumn colors. 12 skeins, 20 yards each, I have previously sold similar boxes and given some away. I always donate them to retreats. In fact I was just contacted today from a guild in Texas asking for a door prize donation and I will send one of these boxes. Retail is $24.95. A nice box with a clear lid and gold stretch loop. I just ordered fold over cards and I will add one. A nice addition if you are giving this set as a gift.

So lets get to the floss!!

There are two different Autumn color sets. Lets give one away! Lets start off the Autumn decorating/stitching early.
Rules: You must be a follower. Click to follow by faithful friends at the right.
You must post a comment here. Post on your blog or facebook and get 25 more entries. Drawing to be September 1st and you must check back to see if you are a winner. Remember.....I don't have time to hunt you down!! lol
I will also be putting together a flower garden set shortly and of course we will give one of those away. Maybe a Christmas much to do!
You can use the picture shown above if you want to post on your blog or facebook.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lots of winners today!!!

Thank you for all the birthday's going to be a wonderful day, especially because I get to share it with some of you. We have chart winners today:

We have several winners. gensearch, Rosella and lets add KimM.
Congratulations! email me and give me your address.

Now for the Favorite things winners!  The winners  told me several things that they like....but I will need to know what type of fabric you stitch on, favorite colors, etc. Your favorite things!
Cindy (in Maryland) says she likes my Spring charts,,,,,
Librarystitcher says she likes 14ct linen and perforated paper. I think I will let her pick a motto kit from my store to start with.
Congratulations stitchers!

I have been putting together some gift boxes of floss with Autumn colors . I have sold quite a few of these on ebay with other colors and given them away on my blog several years ago. I will also have a give-away on my next post so stay tuned!! I will also have another Favorite things give-away  soon as it seems to be one of the favorites. Maybe I will do one each month until we start the Christmas give-aways....sounds good to me!

Thanks again to all who entered. And thank you for all the birthday wishes, cards and gifts. You guys are the best!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just finished a patriotic sampler

About 10% of my 300+ patterns are antique reproductions. I saw this antique motto on ebay but the condition was poor to from that small photo I re-did the pattern and stitched this motto for me. Harder than a lot of the mottoes that I do simply due to the length of the long satin stitches around the letters and for the long stitches of the golden rays. They were placed carefully after I had stitched everything else in the motto. I am not going to offer this motto in kits simply because the pattern transfer was difficult, time consuming and the stitching would be hard for a lot of stitchers.
This will simply hang on my wall by my American flag and be proudly displayed. It is difficult to see the golden rays that arch across the whole top of the motto.
           Free and Independent by the grace of God
I just got a new camera and this is the first picture I have taken with it. I can't believe how many settings and adjustments are on these cameras and it will take me a while to get used to it.

I just wanted you to see what kept me busy for several days. I am still having trouble with this knee after the injury so I am sitting a lot to say the least. I will need the knee replacement farther down the road but it looks like I might need the ankle replacement before the knee. Favor a bad knee and put all your weight on your bad ankle for 3 months = joint replacement from this arthritis. I hope and pray it is a ways down the road! I am quickly wearing out! lol    Two bad shoulders, bad hips, one knee and one ankle. How about a body replacement???? Sounds good to me....sign me up!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Favorite things give-away! Enter now!

          Roses are red
         Violets are blue
      When it is my birthday
      I will share with you!!

Come celebrate my birthday with me! August 14th.....lets have a party! If you have been a follower of mine for a while, then you know I love to share my birthday with my stitching friends.
It's my favorite things birthday party!! Tell me your favorite things.....floss? Linen? Aida? Hand dyed trims? Sewing charms? And your favorite colors!!
Drawing to be August 14th so hurry and enter.  Two lucky winners will be drawn.
Rules: You must post a comment here. Post on your blog or facebook and get 50 more entries!
You must be a follower, click to follow by faithful friends at the right.
Lets have a party!!!