Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alphabet Ornaments completed and a great give-away!

I am FINALLY done with the Alphabet Ornament Collection...that was no small task to do 3 patterns for each letter. It was finding time to fit them in between regular orders, dyeing floss and trims and I had been swamped with custom mottoes this past month so it really seemed to drag out. I had 4 letters left to do so I started on them at 6 this morning and just finished. Can you say happy dance??!!

Lets give a few away! Lets give 10 lucky winners..yes 10...the Alphabet Letter of their choice. You will get three patterns for that letter. I just completed W,X, Y and Z. They include Welcome friends, You are always in my heart, be sure to X all your stitches and have a Zest for life.

Be a follower, post a comment here. Post on your blog and get two more entries. For each friend you send you will get two more entries.
Lets give as few charts away and celebrate together!
Drawing to be June 15th.
Good luck stitchers!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today's lucky winners and a new gift certificate give-away

Time goes by so quickly around here...and it's time to announce some winners once again. I wish my work seemed to get done quickly but it doesn' at least I get to have fun when I give goodies away!
The floss winners (5 skeins each) are: April, Ann, Marie-P, DianeM and mytimestitching
The gift certificate winner is cyn. Browse my ebay store and tell me what you would like.

NOW....Please email me as I don't have time to hunt you down! Time is precious to me...ok...all of you are too......but I am so swamped with projects, dyeing floss and trims, orders and such that I need you to email me with your address.

Now lets give away TWO gift certificates!
$25 in goodies from my ebay store to each winner and I will pay postage any where. Drawing to be June 30th. Lets keep the summer stitching going.
Enter now. Post a comment a on your blog and get another entry. For each friend you send you get two more entries. Good luck stitchers! We need to keep giving goodies away until everyone has something!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alphabet Ornament Letters S, T, U and V completed

I believe I see the light at the end of the tunnel...finally! I completed letters S, T, U and V. They include Scatter Smiles, Think of Me, In Unity is strength and Be strong and wise and Virtue prize. I knew it would take me a while to do three patterns for each letter...and fitting all those patterns into a busy schedule was no small task. I will take a break for the weekend, picnic with the kids and grand kids...and take a much needed day off. I hope you all do the same. I know I am frequently guilty of working way too many hours each day and I work 7 days a week. I have for the last 7 years. That needs to change...soon.
Thanks for stopping by. I will have the last 4 letters completed next week...lets have a party!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A gift from my Kindred Spirit

What treasure I received in the mail today from my Kindred Spirit, Eunice, who lives in Ireland. My best friend and the joy in my life.
She send me a gorgeous English Roses tea setting and the tea cup has a scented candle in it. The baby shoe is adorable (and a pin cushion!) and she decorated it herself. Scented soap....what treasures! Best friends...the best part of life!
I have so much to be thankful for. I hope each and every one of you has a Kindred Spirit to share with.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Halloween chart, My Witch's Brew, new give-away!

I was sitting in the doctor's office and knew I would have a long wait. I worked on this chart for two hours when the design hit me...have to put these things to  paper before one forgets! Don't we all carry 6 sheets of graph paper, pencil and a ruler in your purse? I am prepared at all times!

So this is my new Halloween chart. My Witch's Brew. Shown charted with my stitching program and I will send it out to my model stitcher. My hands are giving me so much trouble these days it hurts too much to stitch. Doing my regular orders is about it right now....maybe when it eases up a bit I can pick up needle and thread once again.
My Witch's brew I'll make for you with love and greetings kind and true!
Design size is  118 x 156

Lets give a couple charts away....
Post a comment here, be a follower, post on your blog and get two entries, send a friend and get two more entries.
Lets give these away on June 15th. Lots of time to enter.
Good luck! Thanks for participating once again.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Alphabet Ornament charts finished

I had finished several more of the letters for the Alphabet Ornament Collection...I had listed them on ebay but forgot to show them here. I think I had stopped at M, which had Memories, O has Our Hearts are stitched together, P has Patience is a virtue, Q has Quiet time and R has Remember me when this you see.
I have a sale on ebay 5 charts and get one free right now. I do a lot of summer sales to keep the stitchers going through the hot months. I know I can hardly wait for summer to be over each year as I can't take the heat well with the Lupus I have. I even have to stay out of the sun....yeah right...with all I have to do around here.
Back to charts.....
I have several more letters roughed out and will finish them over the next few days. I got swamped with projects here on the farm....with hot spring weather everything has been growing like weeds....and including the weeds. We also are in the process of tearing down our glass greenhouse (30x70') that had damage from baseball size hail a few weeks ago. WHAT a project let me tell you. I will be glad when this is done and life returns to normal....if I can remember what normal was.

I need to do some finishing on a few smalls and will show them in a few days. So many little time....
Another week is flying by.....and time to get back to work as the break is over. I just thought I would catch up on some charts that were completed.

I hope all of you are having a great week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Announcing the Hand dyed floss winners for today

Another fun day of drawing names...I truly wish I could send some to each and every one of you. What a postage bill that would be!
So it's time to announce todays winners:
Valerie Kalyani
Miss LindaLee

You each will receive 5 skeins (20 yards ea) of my hand dyed floss.
You need to email me....I truly don't have time to track you down, so please help me out.
I will need your address.
I am dyeing more floss this week...sounds like another give-away  real soon.
I must floss is just a side line for me. So many stitchers who bought my perforated paper motto kits liked the floss they asked to buy some separate. I started listing some and the rest is history.
Let me back up a bit...when I first started doing the kits I bought hand dyed floss wholesale from other companies. I paid $1.45 for 10 yards. I thought that was an outrageous price since I need to put $6-$8 in floss in each kit. So I bought cones from DMC and started dyeing my own. Piece of cake! Then I started selling it because customers requested it....and I was so mad that the other companies charged so much...that is why I sell it so cheap... so a lot of stitchers can have a nice floss selection at an affordable price. At $2 for 20 yards...I have stitchers ask me if I am crazy?! I guess if I was a large company I would need to charge more...but I can afford to be generous with my stitching friends and as you all know...I love to share!
Have a great day. Congratulations to each of you.


P.S. I truly need to add another comment...I hope you don't mind me speaking so boldly about my floss price compared to other companies. I truly do not mean to offend. I am only stating facts the way I see them. I guess the older I get...the bolder I get!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Certificate winner

Happy Mother's Day to all.This a day of sharing, remembering and showing someone you care. This is a very special day for those of us who are fortunate enough to still have our mothers with us. It is a tribute day to those who have lost a loved one. Celebrate. Celebrate today and celebrate all the years you had together. Each day is a gift...each memory a treasure.

It's time to announce the winner of the Gift Certificate:
She wants this for her daughter Ally. How sweet to enter for someone you love.
I also want to give two stitchers a few skeins of floss to celebrate today:
 Lisa Cox, Rebecca and Lynn Stansfield
Please email me and send me your address.

Thank you for participating once again. I love to share and today I send lots of love to each and every one of you. Have a very Happy  Mother's Day!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Hurry and enter to win a Mother's Day Gift Certificate

I can't let Mother's Day go by without giving away a Gift Certificate. Lets celebrate a very special day together. A tribute to Mothers everywhere.

To one who bears the sweetest name,
And adds a luster to the same,
Long life to her, for there's no other,
Who takes the place of my dear

My 89 year old Mother is very dear to me and I cherish every day we have together. The plaque you see in the above picture hangs on the wall above my desk.

I would like to give a $25 Gift Certificate to one lucky winner.
Post a comment here....lets leave some great ones.....
Post on your blog and get another entry.
Winner will get to pick $25 in goodies out of my ebay store and I will ship any where.
Time is drawing near so hurry and enter this one.
Winner to be announced...on...of course...Mother's Day!!
That's May 13th here in the states.

Good luck to all.