Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentines Day give-away ENTER NOW

This the the third kit that will be given away for Valentines Day. This is from the Home Sweet Home Collection and called Mothers' Little Helpers. I decided to do another wall hanging to compliment the  True Love kit. You will have your choice as to which one you would like. Three winners will be drawn and announced on Valentines Day. You can choose this kit, True Love, or Love And You shall be Loved. Kits are on 18 count  Aida Rustico Oatmeal or linen and you will be able to choose which fabric you would like.

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Good luck, thanks for participating in the drawing. I love to share!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Valentine's Day Gift

This will be the second kit I will give away for Valentines Day. It is from my Home Sweet Home Collection and is called True Love. This 7 x 7 inch wall hanging is the center part of a larger design.   This will also be available in a larger design with the words true love in it. Model is stitched on 18 count Rustico Oalmeal Aida but will also be available on 28 count linen. The surrounding fabric is a cotton print, black with tan leaves and compliments the bird nest design. Backing is black fabric on this wall hanging. I decided to make my own twist cord as I wanted a custom color...I get a little carried away with custom colors as you can tell....so I made my own cording. I think I will make twist cording in several custom colors for my kits because I like to have a unique item that you cannot find any where else. I will do limited editions on the kits when they become available in February.
I will announce the details of the give-away soon.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentines Day Give-away

Preview of Valentine's Day give-away

I thought I would show you my latest design....and one that I will be giving away for Valentines's Day next month. I will announce the give-away on another post so keep tuned. I will be giving away three kits of my latest designs. I will be offering these as leaflets and kits after I get everything printed and packaged.
I put this finished piece in a frame to show one way it could be displayed and then I made it into a little pillow...a wonderful gift for a special friend.

The design is 5 x 6 inches so it fit nicely into a small frame and a small pillow. I remembered I had a huge roll of a very tiny trim and I decided to use it on this piece to dress it up. I went with a light colored fabric to surround the piece and for the backing. I tried several fabrics...the darker colors made it look more casual and the lighter dressed it up. I used a high quality muslin fabric as I like the tiny flecks in it that complimented the coloration in the Aida Rustico Oatmeal fabric that I stitched this on. I will also offer this on linen and will have that picture at a later date.....you can only stitch so many at a time!

I will be showing you the other two kits that I will be giving away very soon.....and then give the details of the drawing. I have to say....I love to share!!!!!

Have a great day!


Friday, January 7, 2011

From Me to Thee

From Me to Thee.....a little token of friendship made into a small pillow 6x6 inches. I stitched this in soft tones of antique green, gold and faded rose for lettering. I added two small butterflies that I had dyed to match. When you stitch the body with a few stitches, the wings lift up a bit off the fabric....just adorable. I bought these trims many years ago and finally found a use for them. When I offer this as a kit, two butterflies will be included in each one. I hope to have charts and kits completed in two weeks....lots of work to do for sure. There is never a shortage around here!

I will also offer this kit available on linen as well as aida. I ordered 40 yards of assorted linen and will dye some for new patterns as well as these I have just completed. They will be pictured on both fabrics. I wish they would add more hours to the day and then I could do all I need to do! I also need to add on to this house and I have taken over half of it (and we already remodeled once to double the size), the whole basement and we have a building 30x60 we use as a work shop for the frames. Who would have thought a motto collection would turn into an all-consuming passion....but I do love what I do.
Back to the drawing board.......


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kindred Spirits

We should all be lucky enough to have a kindred spirit. Mine is my dear friend Eunice in Ireland and I cherish the friendship. We are all brought together for a reason and she is the joy in my life. Distance does not keep us apart; if we don't write every day we are thinking of each other every day and that is the beauty in it. Together, yet so far apart.

Scatter Smiles....says it all!

New year, new designs

      I like to put some humor in some of the mottoes....you can't be serious all the time! This is a mini motto pattern I did recently and decided to stitch it on paper first and will stitch it on fabric soon. It is small so it lends itself for a small pillow. Of course it is stitched with Victoriam Motto Sampler Shoppe floss. I will do the chart for this soon and it will be available in my shop. I have been working on 5 small designs that I will post shortly......there are only so many hours in the day and I am always looking for more...I must have left some around here some where....

Have a great day!