Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

For those of us in the states I want to wish you a very Happy Memorial Day. A day to remember all of those fallen heroes who bravely fought for this great country and our freedom.

Picket Fence Floss Collection with 60 yards free!

I had time to put together one more boxed set before I rest for the holiday tomorrow. If you call cooking, cleaning  and baking for the family rest! But I love it.

The floss set is The Picket Fence Collection. Garden favorites...and I love this group. Beautiful reds and greens (all of these boxed sets are newly dyed colors and very limited) for roses and vines, Pink, Plum and 2 purples.
AND I thought I would give 3 free colors ($30 retail!)with this set as I had some small dye lots left over. I have a lot of small cones, half cones, etc that are hitting the dye pot. The 3 free colors are to the right. A taupe, orange and peach. I was in a hurry to take the photograph before I lost the natural light. This will be boxed with a card as the other sets are. ONLY 20 of these boxes. If you want to place an order email me,
They are $24.99 plus $3 postage here in the states. First come first serve basis until they are gone.

Back to's going to be so nice to "relax" on the holiday tomorrow!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cottage Garden (antique/primitive) Boxed Floss set plus 40yds free!

I feel like a busy bee hovering around all of these beautiful flower colors. Heavenly to look at......

Lovely to stitch with. I wanted to do another limited edition and this Cottage Garden Collection just went together perfectly. Soft, antique/primitive flower colors that fill this 12 skein boxed set. 240 yards of stitching.

I also had a couple small hanks of gorgeous I thought I would give TWO FREE SKEINS with the first 30 ( I had to add more since so many want this set) boxes sold. 40 yards of overdyed floss....I believe that would be about $20 if you went out to buy it.
I think I will just sell 40 boxes of this limited edition.
The free colors are to the right.....Columbine and French Lavender. In the boxed set are Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Dahlia, Foxglove, Garden Moss, Delphinium, Dame's Rocket, etc.

Email me if you would like a set.
I will only give the free skeins with direct sales. After I sell a few sets I might list these on ebay.
The box is $24.99 and $3 postage in the states. These sell out quickly so if you want one be sure to email me.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a nice relaxing, holiday weekend (here in the states).

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Primitive Floss Collection Give-away! 920 yards of floss! Enter now!

I have been blessed in many ways.....and as you all know....I truly love to share! With each new collection or boxed set I like to give one away. It's my way of saying thank you and giving back to the stitching community. Great people who have become many great friends over the years.

It's been a while since I have given away a whole floss collection. OK....I was recently asked if I ever give away whole collections. YES! I have given away many of them over the years and I guess I need to give another one away. I am still working on the new Ultimate floss will be finished soon (unless I get swamped with carving frames once again).

Lets start with some summer stitching fun. A great give-away for any stitching project.

Lets give away The Primitive Collection. 46 of my 20 yard skeins, 920 yards of stitching heaven! This set is $90 and if you buy direct from me I include a couple extra free skeins as a thank you.
The Primitive Floss Collection 
Rules:    You MUST be a follower. Click to follow by Faithful Friends.  You must post a comment here.
Post on your blog, Facebook or stitching group and get 100 more entries!!!! We want lots of stitchers to have the opportunity to win.
You must check back to see if you are a winner. You must follow!
Drawing to be June 30th. Lots of time to enter for some summer stitching fun.
I will be adding a couple new colors to the Primitive line very soon. Requested colors that I think you will love. I will also include them with each purchased set as a free gift.
Good luck to all!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Favorite Red Roses Boxed Floss set give-away, enter now!

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE red. And I especially love all shades of red for flowers. I thought I would select some beautiful shades of reds from my motto kits and do a Favorite Red Roses Collection. And as usual....I thought I would share with you! I will give one boxed set to a lucky winner.

Another limited edition only available as a set.
Reds, cranberry reds, pink/reds and 4 beautiful shades of green that I use for leaves. I even included 2 heart charms that say made with love.

Old Country Rose, Antique Rose Red, Royal Albert Rose, American Beauty, Victorian Rose, Best Red Rose, Variegated Rose, English Tea Rose, English Garden, Dried Rose Leaves, Spring Garden, and Rose Leaves.

Rules: Same as always. You must be a follower at the right. Click to follow by Faithful Friends. You must post a comment here.

***Post on your blog, Facebook or stitching group and get 50 more entries!

Drawing to be June 21st and you must check back to see if you are a winner. You must follow!

These are $24.99 plus postage if you would like one. I will probably only do 35 boxes. Very limited editions.

Good luck to all who enter! Lots of give-aways coming up with all these limited editions so stay tuned.

                                          Nancy aka The Floss Fairy

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sleepy Hollow Floss Collection give-away, enter now!!!!

When you are on a keep rolling! I have been dyeing more of the very limited editions (in between dyeing all the regular floss) since it gives me a break and's fun!

I had a couple requests for Halloween floss recently. I had sold out of my previous I dyed some fantastic new colors for this Sleepy Hollow Collection. VERY limited edition....I will explain in a minute.

It includes a nice selection of pumpkins, browns, eery blues and greys and a couple purples that seem popular with Halloween.
Glowing Pumpkin, Sleepy Hollow Purple, Hallow's Eve Orange, Ichabod Crane, Spirit of the Pumpkin, Headless Horseman, Tombstone Grey, Midnight Sky, Eery Purple, Bewitching Hour, and Spooky Brown.

I am including two pumpkin charms with each box. I will only do 15-20 of these limited edition boxes so if you want one contact me.  I will be listing these on ebay soon and they sell out quickly. They are $24.99 plus postage.
Lets give one away!
Rules: Always the same. You must be a follower at the right. Click to follow by Faithful Friends. You must post a comment here. Post on your blog, Facebook or a stitching group and get 50 more entries!
Drawing to be June 6th. I will have quite a few give-aways all summer with all the new floss that I am dyeing.

Good luck to all who enter!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

NEW! Southwest Collection boxed set and a GREAT give-away, enter now!!!

All of you know how much I love to share with you.
I just finished another very limited edition boxed set, The Southwest Collection. I will only do about 30 of these boxes and they go fast.

Includes:    Chili Pepper, Hot Pepper, Paprika, Desert Sky, Brick Oven, Copper Kettle, Golden Maize, Southern Sky, Desert Sand, Tortilla, Gristmill and Cilantro. Colors dyed just for this super southwest collection. I just listed these in my ebay store and they are also available direct from me.

Lets give a set away!!
 Enter here. Rules are the same as usual.
You MUST be a follower at the right. Click to follow by Faithful Friends. If your name is drawn and you are not on the list we have to draw another name.
You must post a comment here. If you post on Facebook, your stitching group or blog you get 50 more entries. I like to let a lot of stitchers have a chance to win.
Drawing to be June 2nd so hurry and enter and tell your friends to enter.
You must check back to see if you are a winner. You must follow!

Good luck to all who enter!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I would love your opinion on floss!!!!

So here I go......I always wonder if this will bite me on the butt......

Do you all know why I sell my floss for $2 for 20 yards? Or my new line with the price increase for $2.45 for 20 yards? Simply to save stitchers money. Money I could be putting in my pocket if I sold 5 yards for $2.75 like the other shops do. But I won't.

I started selling floss to offer a quality product at an affordable price. I get criticized from shop owners who have asked to carry my floss....if I will quit selling wholesale to the public. And right now my pricing is below wholesale.

Am I mad? Yes. A shop owner told me that I will never get anywhere selling direct to all of you and not sell in shops.
And that I will be known for cheap floss with my cheap prices.
WRONG. I offer a quality product and I am just not greedy. Plain and simple. Could I open a small factory and employ people to do a larger floss business? Yes. I have a retail building sitting empty after we decided to close a pet shop. Do I want a larger floss business? No.
I love the stitchers I have met all along this journey and I have made many new friends. All over the world. I love to share my designs, my floss, and most of all, my time with the friends I have made. I like to call it quality of life. I know they appreciate the great prices I give them and we always have fun with all of my give-aways.

So I want you to know I will continue to sell wholesale to all of you. Simply to save you money. To give you quality floss at an affordable price.

So now that my rant is over....I will get back to floss! New colors....coming gift boxes, new floss sets and new give-aways!

                        The Floss Fairy

Monday, May 9, 2016

Kansas Wildflowers Boxed Floss Set

It's back to work today.....after I pack orders from the weekend I will start listing the new floss colors in my ebay store. I will be having a 10% off sale this week and if you buy direct from me you will get that sale price. I have 60 listings to do for floss singles and the Kansas Wildflowers boxed set.

I have to re-do the photo as I grabbed one of the cards that was spelled wrong....gotta love it when you are in a hurry!
The new Kansas Wildflowers Boxed Set (also sold as individual singles) are:
Blue Sage,  Prairie Clover,  Prairie Parsley,  Prairie Rose, Meadow Flax,  Golden Sunflower,  Kansas Coneflower,  Black-Eyed Susan,  Western Wallflower,  Prairie Sage,  Bittersweet,  and Maximilian Sunflower.

I may add a second series later on. The boxed set includes a cute fold over gift card and on the front is a Kansas Wildflowers card I made to go with it.

I guess I better get back to work......I just wanted to show you the new set.

Have a great week.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day. A day that is special to me in many ways. My Mother is 93 and still takes care of my sister who is 53 with special needs. My Mother raised 9 children and helped raise several of the grandchildren. I also had that privilege; after raising my children I have had my two grandsons with me for 14 wonderful years. The time quickly went by as I saw them grow into fine young men and I cherish all the memories we made along the way. Wonderful years!

I am sure we could all share stories of the joys of being a Mother.
So I salute all of our Mother's. Some we have lost but still cherish.......To The Best of Mothers.
                     Happy Mother's Day


The new, Ultimate Floss Collection

Over the next few days I will be listing the first 65 colors in my new Ultimate Floss Collection. It has been a challenge to work on this collection and keep up with orders over the past few months. Overwhelming is more like it....but I will start listing the new colors. I am very pleased with them and my friends gave me rave reviews when they were here. The shading is nice and not too drastic. A classic look. I am not into wild and crazy colors. I also have the first 12 colors for one of my new Kansas Wildflowers Collection. I will be listing that soon as a boxed set but they will also be available as singles.

The new colors are $2.45 each. As I previously explained, I have had more than 5 increases in the wholesale price of the floss over they years and this is my first price increase.

Here are a couple group photos of the new colors. For these colors I have listed a DMC Conversion on each label. This will be the closest color/colors I can match it to. In some cases there were two colors and I listed both. You could use it for either one but it will have a lighter or darker color in it.

When I have all 130 singles listed I will then divide the collection into 4 groups and list those groups as bagged sets. That way someone could purchase each group until they have the whole collection if they didn't want to buy singles. I will also list the entire 130 skein collection in a listing. I just figured it would be easier on the wallet to buy in 4ths.

Dyeing those colors was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I tried very hard to have more variations within each skein than a lot of my previous colors. A few are tone on tone but not many. I think those of you who have been waiting for new colors will not be disappointed.

My Kansas friends helped me with a few of the names....especially the wildflowers we were researching for Kansas. Yellow Stargrass, Prairie Clover, Blue Sage, Meadow Flax, Western Wallflower, etc. The only problem that I ran into was too many wildflowers for one set. I will divide them and do two boxed sets. And speaking of boxed sets....I have a huge project this summer. I want to take all the half cones I have and make 20 different boxed sets of Limited Editions. You know those limited editions. I will start dyeing the floss after all these colors are listed on ebay. I should be done dyeing all the floss by the end of June and then can start listing new boxed sets. I already have some cute names picked out for the boxes.

So back to work. I am still moving slow and have a thumb that will not work very well. Try carding floss, carving or sewing without one thumb and you will see why I have been so slow. And I feel sorry for anyone with arthritis because it sure makes work difficult.
So be patient with me with all these new colors.

I will list the floss on the side bar at the right and in my ebay store. You can always buy direct from me too.

Thanks for stopping by....thanks for listening. Have a great weekend. A super holiday is coming up tomorrow....but that's my next post!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Floss winner today

We have a floss winner today for some of my new line. 10 skeins, 20 yards each. Lots of floss to stitch some goodies. The lucky winner today is Terri from Rosy Stitches. Congratulations! Please email me and give me your address.

It has been raining and cloudy for days and too dark to take photographs of the new floss. I will start listing it in my ebay store as soon as I can take the pictures. For now I need to whittle away at a mountain of orders that came in while I was taking a break last week with my friends from Kansas who came to visit. We had a wonderful time! We worked on several projects. A mini motto, a sewing necessaire and a cute little wooden box that we decorated. I wanted to make one similar to a little antique sewing box that I have and I think we did a great job. I will show pictures of that later this week.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Birthday Club winner today!

Birthday Greetings ~ two yellow roses & three orange-red buds:
                     Happy Birthday!!
We have a winner drawn from the hat today for the Birthday Club for May. The lucky winner is Mary Kaeding and her birthday is on the 6th. We all hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration on your special day. I have a nice gift for you and if you will email me with your address, I will have your gift on it's way.

Be sure you have all entered the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Birthday Club. Simply send me your month and date of your birthday. On the 1st of each month I draw a name from the hat.

Have a great day!