Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa is having fun

Santa said he is having fun helping me with the give-away! Jolly old guy!!!!

Floss give-away

And there will be pinks....greens....blues..yellows......purples......lavender......cherries.....reds......

and pumpkins according to Shari.......

40 skeins, 800 yards of floss in assorted colors would be great.....but I think it will be greater!
Tell your friends! Everyone gets a chance to win.

The drawing will be Christmas day.There will be other ways you can have your name added more than once....I will tell you tomorrow! Curious?????????


I'll give you a hint.....

A friend asked me to give her a hint of what was in the give-away...I told her 10 skeins, 200 yards  of floss would be nice...but not near nice enough. 20 skeins, 400 yards of floss would be nice...but not near nice enough. I thought 30 skeins, 600 yards of floss would be more generous...but not generous enough.......

Christmas floss give-away

Tomorrow I will announce the details of the Christmas floss give-away....I think you are going to love this one.....everyone who is signed up as a follower of my blog will have a chance to win.
Here comes Santa Claus....Here comes Santa Claus.........

Monday, November 29, 2010

From start to finish

I often have requests for custom mottoes. A gentleman emailed me to say he wanted a motto with an antique steam engine in it...and the motto to read Train up a child in the way he should go. They are expecting their first child. I love to do custom mottoes...some are more challenging than others as you can imagine. I did this pattern in a couple hours, transferred it to the perforated paper (secret recipe) and had it stitched in less than 7 hours. That is what I love about working on perforated paper with these mottoes because you just fill in between the lines...the satin stitch I use on my mottoes stitches so quickly! I am not a patient person...just ask my family...no, better not....lets not go there...back to the motto...the kits are easy and fun to stitch. I did counted cross stitch for 30 years...giving my age away....and I wanted a quicker way to stitch. Perforated paper mottoes were the answer for me. I recently started doing charts for my motto samplers and will be adding them to my inventory all next year. Making charts is time consuming to say the least...but I wanted to offer charts for all the cross stitchers.
Train motto is stitched with my over-dyed floss. Very subtle changes in these colors as per the customers request.
I just thought I would share my latest project with you and explain a little about stitching on perforated paper if you havn't tried it. Thanks for "listening"!

Thank you for the warm welcome

I appreciate the warm welcome I am receiving from all you ladies...it is greatly appreciated as you are. I will show my appreciation soon...with a floss give-away. Now I need to think of something great....after all...it's almost Christmas!

Over dyed floss

I guess I will start at the beginning and tell you about my floss. When I first started selling my motto kits I was using over dyed floss from other companies. The dye lots were so inconsistant that I thought I could do better. I have dyed floss for about 4 years now....I do limited editions so I am always adding new colors.

I wanted to offer affordable floss to my friends and customers. I thought $2-3 for 4-10 yards of floss was  too much....and I wanted to offer a generous amout of floss so I did 20 yard skeins for $2 each. Money isn't the most important thing to me.....people are. My decision was a good one...and I have a lot of gals who buy my floss on a regular basis.

After I get this blog all sorted out...and it will take a little while so please be patient with me....I will start to do some give-aways with floss. I love to share!

Thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just beginning the blog...thank you for your patience

I have had many requests to start a blog so here I go...trying to find the time will be a challenge as I already work 7 days a week! I have met so many dear friends all over the globe and I thank them for the inspiration that they have given me. I hope we can have a great time together on the blog.