Saturday, February 25, 2017

Limited Edition colors for March Preview!!

A customer asked if I would post the pictures of the floss for the Limited Editions and Primitive Limited Editions for March......and I said yes!
The hardest part is picking 6 for the smaller set....I try to do a nice selection of colors for you. Here are my selections for 6 and the box of 12 for the Limited Editions for March (I you have to wait until I mail them!) And I think my monitor is showing the colors a little brighter than what they are. They are very rich looking but soft and not abrasive. Glowing Orange, Ocean Coral, Into the Blue, Concord Grape, In My Garden, Fairy Pink, Royal Purple, Everglade, Mountain Laurel, Confetti Brown, Dusty Mauve and Purple Mum.

Please remember that I can't sell singles from one collection unless you have purchased that collection and need an additional skein of a certain color. The singles go quickly so let me know right away if you are needing more of a color. These are very limited.
And here are the Primitive Limited Editions for March, the smaller set of 6 and the box of 12.
Rusty Nail, Suede, Robin's Egg Blue, Plantation Brown, Burnt Red, Mint Crème, Grey Patina, Soft Lilac, Khaki, Dark Fern, Toasted Cocoanut, and Redwood. All of these Primitives have the DMC conversions (the closest color I can match them to)

Invoices will go out on the 1st as usual. If you have prepaid for the year your floss will go out on the last day of this month to make it easier for me on the 1st will invoicing and packing.

If I have extra boxes I will list them on ebay. They are priced for 12 skeins and not the discounted club price with a free skein. After need a reward for joining the club!

Remember you can join at any time and get the current month or the next month. Join for as long as you would like. Info on the side bar at the right.
Thanks for stopping by for the preview. Now I will finish carding floss all weekend and boxing it! lol

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

LOTS of new floss colors/sets today!

Once again the Kansas Guild has helped me out tremendously and carded 2200 skeins of floss for me at their fundraiser. Lots of beautiful colors that I received yesterday. Of course I already knew what I wanted to do with these here they are:
Heirloom Treasures Collection:
Deep rich colors in yellows, oranges, red, greens, purple, pink and a rich brown. This boxed set of 12 is $27.99

Next I took 5 beautiful browns and English Scone to make this 6 skein set. It is $14.70.
And last I have a 2 skein Christmas set...a rich red and green. It is $4.90.
I received my shipment of 60 cones from DMC this morning and the dye pot will be going for days and days.....then off to be carded by these wonderful Kansas Elves that I have come to treasure! lol
I hope they don't head for the hills when I send them 126,000 yards of floss to be carded! Maybe I shouldn't have told them

I will be listing these on Ebay today but I always appreciate direct sales. Email if you would like any of these.

Have a great day....thanks for stopping by!
                         The Floss Queen

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Primitive Floss Club winners today! Lets do it again! Enter now!

I have the most fun on days when I am giving some floss away! We have a winner today for 1 month in The Primitive Limited Editions Club. The name drawn is Bonnie Brown. Please email me.

Lets do it again!! Lets give away another month so someone can try these beautiful primitive limited editions....all dyed new each month especially for this club. 12 of my 20 yard skeins in a gift box with a bow. A $29 value.

Rules:  You MUST be a follower. Click to follow by Faithful Friends at the right.
You must post a comment here. Post on your blog, Facebook or stitching group and get 100 more entries!

Drawing to be March 15th so you have lots of time to enter. Good luck everyone!!!


Monday, February 20, 2017

First Flower Garden boxed sets for 2017

I simply love dyeing floss for the flower garden sets. I have sold many different sets over the past few years and they always sell out.

I wanted to start with some spring flowers....but my favorite names for flower sets always have Mother or Grandmother in them......these are no exception. This first set (I will be dyeing 6 flower sets this month and next) will be My Mother's Flower Garden. Great for spring flowers, birthday gift or for Mother's Day in a couple months.
These first colors are Columbines, Delphinium, Red Tulip, Grape Hyacinth, Bleeding Heart, Amaryllis, Alpine Pinks, Aster, Early Bluebells, Butterfly Bush and Iris.
Lots of variegation in half of these and subtle tone on tone in the rest.
I am carding and boxing these today. They are $27.99 plus postage. Reserve yours today or Email me with orders. I will also list them on Ebay soon.

Spring will be here soon....although it has been warm enough and feels like it now.....and I will have more beautiful flower colors available soon. I ordered 60 new cones from DMC that should arrive this week and hit the dye pot.

All of the colors are dyed for next month's clubs. Limited Edition and Primitive Limited Editions....I wish I could show them as they are spectacular...but you have to wait and get them in the mail!
I will show them after the orders have been received.

Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by to look at my flowers!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Listing extras of Limited Editions and new names for floss colors

I had dyed a lot of extra floss this month, a lot more than I needed for my Limited Editions for the clubs. I think I am going to put some of the boxes together and list them on ebay. I won't be listing them each month....just when I have a lot of extras. I simply don't have the room to store them and if you want another box you will be able to get them on ebay.
The ONLY difference is that you won't get the club price with the free skein. You have to join the club for the free one.

I have had a couple people email to say they didn't want to commit to a club....but as I have said, you can join for one month at a time. No strings attached....or now you can buy some of them in my ebay store after they are listed.

Now to a fun can imagine after naming hundreds of skeins for dozens of collections that it is hard to come up with new color names. I like names that describe a color....not some wild and crazy name that has nothing to do with the color.

I would love some suggestions for names of colors.
Put on your thinking can post here or email me with your suggestions.
Lets name:
a soft pink, lavender, a light variegated blue, a dark chocolate brown, a golden brown, a medium grey and an off white to start.
I will be dyeing these colors this weekend. A drop in the bucket....I need to dye 200,000 yards of floss over the next few weeks.
All new flower collections coming this spring. I will show some colors and let you name a few more real soon.
Thanks for your help!! I know a couple of you have helped me with color names before and we had lots of fun.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pictures of Limited Editions and Primitives

I had a couple requests to show a few pictures of some of the Limited Editions that I have been dyeing. Here are the Limited Editions for February:
Here are the Primitive Limited Editions for February:

Lots of beautiful colors to stitch with. The Primitive Limited Editions have the closest DMC conversion listed on the tags. If it is a mix of 3 variegated colors I don't put a conversion.

You can join the clubs at any time during the month and receive the current selections.

I will be receiving the 20 new colors the Kansas Guild carded for me next week and list them. Lots of shading in these new colors. And speaking of colors.....spring is just around the corner and I ordered 60 cones to over dye and hope to get them in the next two weeks. I want to do all new flower boxes....lots of great colors and flowers for Spring. 126,000 yards of new colors! The Kansas gals will be very busy carding floss next month! I don't know what I would do without them right now. I am carding all the limited editions until I get way ahead on floss. Speaking of which.....I better get to floss this morning. I have a three day marathon of the dye pot to look forward to.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Invoices for floss clubs changing in March

First I want to thank all of you who have joined one or more of the three floss clubs I have. I know you enjoy all of the floss that I enjoy dyeing for you.

I was billing on the 1st for the Ultimate Collection and the Limited Editions and mailing on the 5th. That will remain the same. But a lot of you also joined the Primitive Limited Editions which I bill on the 15th and mail on the 16th. I just have to say it is getting to be a bit much holding all the orders from the 1st to mail with orders on the 16th. So.......

On March 1st I will bill for all three clubs and mail on the 5th. If you have a certain date when you get paid that is fine, just email me and I will hold your order until you get paid. I am very easy to work with. I simply had to change this as it was getting to be a paperwork nightmare. I thought it might be hard to get all the floss dyed and packed for three clubs but I am ahead of schedule and have some dyed in advance for these clubs.

The invoices have gone out this morning for the Primitive Limited Editions. All of you who paid on the 1st for other clubs and the Primitives will have your shipments go out tomorrow.
You can join at any time during the month for any club.
You can re-order floss from a shipment you have received as I will keep a small amount in stock until they sell out. I am not dyeing huge amounts of each color to keep on hand for the Limited Editions. Only the Ultimate Collection is kept in stock all the time.

I think that covers it....thanks for understanding. I needed to simplify all of this to keep it moving smoothly. This is a tremendous amount of new colors to add each month....lots of fun.....but lots of work.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! We have a floss winner today!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have a winner today to celebrate and the winner gets to select which box of floss they would like! The Red and Cream Collection or Grandmother's Favorite Quilts.

If you like Red and Cream then this set is perfect for you.
Red-and-Cream-Collection-hand-dyed-floss-GIFT-BOXED-12-20-yd-skeinsFour different cream colors and 8 reds in a gift box with a bow and a card.

But if you like softer primitive sampler colors...then this set is perfect for you.
Grandmother's Favorite Quilts. Each color has the name of an old fashioned quilt pattern.
The lucky name drawn today was Luv2stitch2. Congratulations! Please email me and give me your address.

We still have another drawing for a free month in the Primitive Limited Editions Floss Club so be sure you have entered. Drawing is on the 21st. Scroll back to that post and put a comment there to enter.

Have a LOVEly day!!!!!


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Very busy with Limited Editions

One of my followers sent me an email and asked for an update on what I was currently doing......I smiled......floss of course! I keep very busy doing all of these new colors for the Limited Editions. 12 new colors on the 1st of each month for Limited Editions, 12 Ultimate Collection colors and on the 15th there are 12 new colors each month for the Primitive Limited editions. It seems like the dye pot is never resting these days. I have been carding these while I dye larger amounts to send to the guild members to card for me.
It might be sunny enough today for me to take a few pictures of some of the Limited Editions I have been sending out.....I will show those to you soon. And if you have joined the clubs and you would like more of a color be sure to reorder right away as these are very limited. I didn't want a lot of these to have to store as I am limited on space.

As I have mentioned before, my son makes the frames I use for my mottoes. We thought it was time to invest in all new equipment for the shop. We have wanted the new table saw that actually stops before it can cut your fingers! The blade quickly drops down into the table when it senses heat from a body part. When I first saw this demonstration of this saw I was amazed....and I knew that was what we needed. Years ago my husband and I were working with the table saw and he turned the saw off and reached for the door we were leveling on the bottom and he put his hand into the blade that had not stopped yet. A trip to the hospital and surgery to repair the severed tendon. I never wanted that to happen again. So this new saw is a miracle design to say the least.
 Then we needed a new scroll saw....routers, work tables to fit the new machines and lots of other goodies. The woodworkers show that was in town this weekend got quite a few sales from us. We also bought the jig to do the new boxes I want him to make with dovetail corners. First we have to catch up on frames but we do have a lot planned for later this year. I have a lot of walnut wood I want to put to good use.

I am still buying bolts of fabric.....can't help myself when I see beautiful fabrics. Of course I always want the ones that are discontinued and have to hunt them down. I must like the challenge! I did buy a lot of Lecien Antique Rose fabrics to make the fabric covered boxes that will be made from chipboard. I am thinking of closing the ebay store for a week to take a break and play with fabrics. That is about the only way I can truly take some time off and enjoy what I am doing. I want to make a collection of different box styles as I have no luck finding antique boxes in good shape with a pattern that I like. These Victorian rose prints are so beautiful....I will show them to you when I am finished....or maybe as I am working on them. I have a couple more weeks of dyeing floss to get a few months ahead on shipments and then I can play with fabrics....and a little ribbon embroidery....and a little stitching.....

Not much winter weather this year and almost no snow. It is very disappointing as I love the cold and miss all the snow we had in northeast Ohio.....I go so homesick for that area where I grew up. One of these days I will take a drive and go visit again and stroll through my memories as I go through each little town. Thank
goodness we have our memories.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Floss Club Invoices Feb

The invoices were sent out this morning for the floss clubs. The Ultimate Collection and the Limited Editions are billed on the 1st and mailed on the 5th. If you added the Primitive Limited Editions you were billed for that club too.

If you just signed up for the Primitive Limited Editions your invoice will be sent on the 15th and mailed on the 16th.

Thanks so much.

PLEASE let me know if you did not receive your invoice.


February Birthday Club winner today!!

Birthday Club winner for February:

We have a Birthday Club winner drawn today, rspade.  We want to all wish her a very Happy Birthday! Her Birthday is on the 26th.  Please email me Rosemary and give me your address so I can send you a nice gift.

I hope all of you that have birthdays this month have a wonderful day and celebrate. Be sure you have joined the club by sending me your name and birthdate.
Happy Birthday to all of you!