Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Don't miss tomorrow's post!

Tomorrow, the 1st, is going to be very busy. Make sure you check back to see if you are a winner.

On the 1st of each month I draw a name for the Birthday Club and send a nice present. Make sure you have sent me your month and birthday and make sure you are a follower.

Each club will have a winner on the 1st of each month. They will receive the Special Limited Editions I card for this occasion. If you get 6 skeins a month you will win 6 skeins. If you get 12 skeins each month then you will win 12 skeins. One winner from each club, linen club included. Then I mark you off the list so others have a chance each month.

INVOICES go out tomorrow. This will take all day to send 250+ invoices. If you have not received your invoice by 9 tomorrow night then please send me an email. I know a few of the Paypal requests don't always go through the first time.
Remember that floss will ship out on the 5th. Linen or Aida ships out on the 8th. If you have floss and fabric it will ship out on the 9th.

Let me know if you have any questions.

And a very BIG thank you to all of the new followers and club members! I appreciate the Flosstube stitchers who have been talking about my floss and sending me new club members.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

46ct Bergen Linen

I love linen...and I wish I had more time to stitch as I would love to stitch something on this new Bergen Linen. The feel of it is very nice. I wish I could find it in other counts but my supplier only has 46ct. Excellent quality.

I wanted to show you a few of the samples I just dyed.
My camera never does justice for the linen....but you can see from left to right I did classic heritage sampler colors from light mottled cream to a parchment/yellowed color. I also do these shades on my other count linens by request and for the fabric club.
Then I did a slate (confederate) blue/grey for a customer. Slight mottling and it can be done darker.
The Bergen linen is white so these colors are different if you use a cream base linen. I don't have every count in white.
I thought you might like to see some photos as I have had several requests to show more linen. This linen is available for the club too.

New sampler, New pattern, New give-away!

I love to do patterns and this little sampler is one of my favorites. I designed it for a stitching retreat and gave one to each person who attended.
I thought I would give one to the winner of this give-away.
This little sampler fit any 11x14 frame. Hobby Lobby has them for 50% off all the time and you can frame it yourself for $10. I try to do all my samplers to fit stock frames.
Friendship's Love:

God gives a gift between two hearts
That time and grief cannot bend
Friendship's love and caring ways
A bond of love without end

It is charted for dmc and I only use full cross stitches in my designs. This design is 179x127 stitches
finished size is 11.2 x 7.9"

BONUS! I used my over dyed floss to sub for DMC for the charts I gave to the retreat. I have 13 charts left with floss. One I will use for this give-away. The rest are $19 plus postage. The regular chart is $11.99 without floss and I will list it in the ebay store or you can buy direct. All of my charts include pages with color blocks and pages with symbols for you to choose which you like best.

Give-away Rules!!!!
You must be a follower and I do check.
You must post a comment here
Post on your blog, stitching group, Flosstube, Facebook, etc. and get 100 more entries!
Drawing to be March 20th.

I also have a companion sampler of the same size I have previously shown to you. Leave No Tender Word Unsaid. Same size. Fits a stock frame.
Leave no tender word unsaid
Love while life shall last
The mill will never grind again
With the water that is past

Chart is $11.99. I don't have floss for this one, it is also charted for DMC
I need to take a picture of these showing how nice they look in a grouping.

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck to all who enter the give-away.
All you can take with you is that which you've given away.

Friday, February 16, 2018

46ct Bergen Linen has arrived

I have just received my order of 46ct Bergen Linen, made in Germany. I will be dyeing some pieces for next month's club shipments if you would like to try some. Neutral sampler colors to begin with. A lot of you have requested bolder colors but I know a few of you still prefer the neutral colors. I am happy to send the type you like the best. Pricing is still the same.

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day winner!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have a winner today............
Valentine's Day.....Roses of course! A $27.99 value, My Favorite Rose Collection:
Delicious reds and dark pinks and green for rose leaves. Audubon Classic, Crimson Fire, Don Juan, Centennial Favorite, Pink Parfait, Carefree Beauty, Ode to Pink, Tree Moss, Garden Gate, Bronze Leaves, Florentina and Coral Beauty.
 ALL with DMC Conversions if they have one.

The lucky name drawn was Tammy (mistymoon cottage). Congratulations! Please send me your address.

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day!!!


Monday, February 12, 2018

Raspberry Linen

A few gals on flosstube were kind enough to show some of my linen....and I have had lots of questions about colors. I dye limited editions but I also repeat a lot of those colors by request.

I have 16 and 18ct Aida.
Linen in 28, 32, 36 and 40ct.
I will be adding 46ct linen in a week and I will dye some as soon as it arrives and give you a preview.

I was also asked to show pictures of colors as I dye them....last week was Raspberry. Here are a couple photos:
A darker base will result in a deeper color or if I choose to leave the color in the dye longer.
I believe this photo is of the 36ct linen

The linen on the left is a bit darker because it was dyed on a cream linen.
I also dye linen with less mottling for a vintage sampler look. I do a mottled cream and parchment for my own samplers but dye lots of other colors for the club shipments.

Email with any inquiries.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tribute to Sisters winner today! And another give-away, enter now!

We have a winner drawn today for the Forever in My Heart, a tribute to sisters floss collection. One of my very favorite collections....and the winner is Terri Patillo. Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address.

Enter now:
Forever in My Heart, a Tribute to Sisters give-away, enter now!
It has been a very busy start to this new year. So many new club members and followers. I thank all of you. And one of the best ways for me to thank my faithful friends is do host the many give-aways that I do all year long. Showing my appreciation for your business.

My favorite give-away from last year. Forever in my Heart. A tribute to sisters everywhere......

 and this collection is my tribute. Filled with beautiful soft colors to stitch your own memories. I am sure you have noticed some of my unusual names for floss. Meaningful names. Like Best Friends, Forever in my Heart, Guardian Angel, Stitching Together, Summer Playhouse, Hopscotch, Memory Quilt, Favorite Dolly, Everlasting Flowers, Easter Bonnets, Tea Party and Favorite Flowers. A few of the memories I have of my sisters and maybe some of yours.

 They are $27.99 plus postage. A beautiful boxed set filled with favorite memories.

I also want to give a set away.
Rules:  You must be a follower by Faithful Friends.
You must post a comment here.
*****Post on Facebook, your blog or stitching group and get 100 more entries. And if the entries go over 200 I will give away a second box.
Drawing to be March 10th.. Lots of time to enter and tell your friends to enter. It's all about sharing.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for being a Faithful Follower. And thank you for being my friends.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Spring Flower Collection give-away, enter now!

With dark and dreary winter days I know a lot of you are thinking spring. How about some Spring Flowers? Lets give away one of my Spring Flower collections!

A nice color range from Narcissus Paper Whites, Favorite Peony (white with a hint of pink) Pink Blossoms, Lavender Sachet, Mother's Forget Me Nots, a couple of beautiful medium greens for leaves (Long Stem Rose and Garden Olive) Classic Red Rose, Holland Tulips, Nasturtium, etc. A $27.99 value.
You must be a follower. Click to follow by Faithful Friends.
You must post a comment here.
Post on your blog, Facebook or stitching group and get 100 more entries!
Drawing to be March 2nd so you have lots of time to enter.
You must check back to see if you are a winner for all of my give-aways. I don't have time to hunt you down! lol

February SPECIAL Limited Editions

I love the Special Limited Editions I have been doing each month and it seems like you do too. I carded 8 more boxes and they will each include the 2 free skeins! They are $29 plus postage. Get them before they are all gone.


Floss Club Invoices and payments

I send the floss and linen club invoices out on the 1st and they need to be paid by the 4th (unless you have special arrangements with me) as I mail the floss on the 5th and the linen/aida on the 9th.

It is VERY busy around here packing and printing labels for 200 packages and I really will appreciate all of the payments in on time. To track down a few slow pays takes a while, sending second money requests or emails and I truly don't have the time.

I thank you for your cooperation!


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Floss Club winners today!

We have winners for the Special Limited Editions floss today.

Calle gets a box of 12 skeins
Linda Kells gets 6 skeins
and Patricia Geary gets a box of 12 skeins

If you are in any of my floss clubs I will draw a winner on the 1st of each month. Then mark your name off the list so others get a change to win.

Always showing my appreciation for your business.

Have a great day!


February Birthday Club winner today!!

We have the name drawn for the Birthday Club today. Happy Birthday Ann Marie Crawford! Please email me Ann Marie. Her birthday is on the 24th and we all want to wish her a very Happy Birthday. And to all of you who have a February birthday......I hope you all have a very special birthday celebration.

Postal Increases for club shipments

Postal increases will be added to all club invoices going out today.