Friday, June 19, 2015

Sampler pattern give-away for Christmas in July, enter now!

To continue with the Christmas in July give-away I thought I would give two lucky winners their choice of one of my sampler charts. Dozens to choose from....large or small....a few have over dyed floss. Here are just a will be able to browse my store and tell me which pattern you would like if you are one of the lucky winners. I also have a few charts for some of my most popular motto patterns. Lots to choose from! Samplers, Quakers, Halloween, Christmas, Family Name, Friendship Tribute, etc.

So lets have some more fun!
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Drawing to be July 21st. I will draw two names. I ship world wide.
Good luck to all who enter!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Quaker chart, LOVE and you shall be loved

I wanted to do a companion Quaker to put next to my Be True in Heart. I wanted a similar border and made a few changes. Here is what I came up with:

Now it will be sent to a model stitcher this week. Finished size on 32ct linen is 11.5 x 11.5" and they fit perfect in a standard 12 x 12 frame. Easy and inexpensive framing makes it nice.
These are listed in my ebay store or available direct from me.

Thanks for listening.......or reading.....about my latest pattern.

Be sure you sign up for all the give-aways for Christmas in July in my previous posts.


Hand dyed linen or aida give-away, enter now!

As promised, today I am happy to announce the hand dyed fabric (of your choice) give-away. If you follow my blog then you know how much I love to share with fellow stitchers and give back to the stitching community.
I use 32ct Belgian linen for all my sampler projects. I have several colors dyed and I will dye several more for you to choose from by the time I announce the winner. This knee injury has really slowed me down and I will be glad when I am up and running. Literally.
If you don't use linen I have 14 and 18 count aida and fiddlers cloth dyed in beautiful antique looking shades. These are 12"x18" pieces.

You will receive a fat half yard of linen (30x36 that I will be listing in my store for $22, a full yard is $44).

Lets have TWO winners for this give-away. Lets double the fun!

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You MUST check back to see if you are a winner. I truly don't have the time to track you down! lol
Drawing to be July 20th. I love Christmas in July!!

Good luck everyone!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

1600 yards of hand dyed floss give-away, enter now!

Christmas in July continues with this great give-away of 1600 yards of hand dyed floss, the entire 1795 floss collection! 80 beautiful skeins, 20 yards each. My retail is $156, would be over $700 from other companies.
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Drawing to be July 15th so there is lots of time to enter.
Good luck everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lets start the Christmas in July give-aways, enter now!

Before I do the big hand dyed linen and 1795 complete floss collection give-away (this weekend), I thought I would start the Christmas in July give-aways with a patriotic one for our 4th of July.
My Patriotic trim bag is full of goodies to do some great finishes for your projects. Lots of possibilities, even for scrapbooking.

 It includes:
A  muslin draw string bag 5"x7"
10 hand dyed  red buttons
10 hand dyed blue buttons
10 white buttons
1 striped red, white and blue button or a mother of pearl floss ring, my choice
Hand dyed wood buttons: 2 red hearts, 2 red flowers, one red apple, 1 blue bird house, one blue flower

6 antique bronze charms (2 shiny flags, 2 antique finish flags, 2 God Bless America )

2 yards hand dyed 1/2" blue cotton ric rac
2 yards factory 3/4" blue ric rac
2 yards blue middy trim
2 yards blue 1/2" cluny lace trim
2 yards hand dyed red 1/2" (another shade) red ric rac
2 yards darker red hand dyed 1/2" ric rac
2 yards white ric rac 1/2"
2 yards slightly wide 1/2" white ric rac
2 yards EACH 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" cotton tape. 1/2" is twill tape.

 Each trim is in a small zip bag.

So lets give one away!
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Drawing to be July 4th....of course!!

Good luck to all!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Stay tuned for a great give-away!

Thank you for the get well cards and get well wishes. It has been a long 2-1/2 months, believe me. I can carefully walk on this injured knee....carefully. So to say I am moving slow is an understatement. A word of advice....when you are on the mend...and feeling pretty good...don't rush out in the garden and think you are going to work like you used to. A slip with the hammer while hitting a post ( I did hop up and down pretty good when I did that one!) sent my hand back into a heavy duty metal fence post. The golf ball sized knot is still going down....the entire hand is purple....and I am slowly gaining use of it after 5 days. I thought we get smarter as we get older....maybe not.

I did smile when a gal sent me a message and asked if I am going to have another give away soon......of course! Next week  (or sooner if I get everything together) I will announce the goodies that will be given away. LOTS of great stuff. The entire 1795 floss collection, 1600 yards of over-dyed floss. And hand dyed linen...... The hand can't iron just yet......but I can stand on the bad knee so I am half way there! You have to be able to laugh as you get older....that's for sure.

So stay tuned....and if I can keep from getting another injury (they say things come in threes and I pray they don't!) and we will have a great Christmas in July give away.