Sunday, September 30, 2012

2 Gift Bag winners today!

We have two gift bag winners to announce today!
First we have the Treasured Friend gift bag with over $70 in goodies in it. It goes Tracey (I Stitch Therefore I Am).
Please email me at so I can get your address.

The second gift bag is for The Victorian Lady, full of $70 in goodies and it goes to:

Thank you for participating in the fun. I will be having a lot of give-aways (don't we always??) through this holiday season that is quickly approaching. I am already working with some Christmas fabric for another gift bag. By the time September rolls around each year, I have to drag out the Christmas goodies and start playing with them. The boxes of decorations are pulled out of the attic and usually the house is decorated for Christmas on November 1st. I must admit that last year I skipped Halloween and it was the middle of October. It is leaning that way this year...........the grandsons will bring down all the boxes for me. They have even volunteered to put everything where I my ankle is still giving me such grief.....they are such great guys. I have had the pleasure of raising them for the past 10 years and they are the joy in my life.

Well it's time to get to work on a project......the days go by quickly with so much to do.
Be sure to check again tomorrow as I will announce the Halloween winner.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is it time to give away some hand dyed floss? YES!

I was asked the other day.....and this is a frequently asked question around here....when are you going to give away some more floss? The answer is now! I have some great new colors (if I may say so) and I always love to share with you. I have also just listed this set in my ebay store.
Lets give 3 lucky winners 10 skeins (20 yard skeins) each! 200 yards of stitching Heaven. As we get into the stitching season I will be doing these give-aways more often as they seem to be the most popular......have to spread the floss all over! And I mean all over the world.....I am amazed at how many countries I have sent floss to.... 33 and counting! must be a follower. You must post a comment here. And the rest is the on your blog and get 3 more entries. For every friend you send to join you get 3 more entries.

Drawing to be.................(I had to look and check because I have so many drawings going on right now!) about....October 15th! You must check back to see who the winners are as I am truly too busy to hunt you down, and after all, you must follow!

Enter now....good luck stitchers....thank you for participating in the fun once again. I love to share with all of you.

Have a great day and let the comments begin!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lets give away another Fall/Autumn gift bag of goodies!

Since we have just officially entered into Autumn....lets give away another Fall gift bag! We still have plenty of time to enjoy the crisp air and the turning cider and donuts....tempting? Sounds delicious to me.................
The gift bag is full of $70 of goodies and will go to one lucky person.

So post a comment must be a on your blog and get 3 more entries....for every friend you send to enter you get 3 more entries. Are you feeling lucky again Edgar??!!
You can enter again!
Drawing to be October 15th. Enter now!

Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for following...........I truly appreciate all of you.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Winner of the Hand Made Gift Bag of Goodies

The random number generator was busy very early this morning to select one lucky person to receive the first gift bag I am giving away.....and the winner was:


I will let Edgar select which bag he would like....that makes it even more fun! I have been making more bags....keeping very busy with eBay, but as soon as I am done packing orders I get right back to stamping fabric. I am experimenting with different colored inks and pleased with the results. After I get a few more stamped I will show you some.

Just a short post for today and I thank you for stopping by. Stay tuned for more give-aways that I will be having through the long holiday season......actually.....I like to make it a year-long holiday season around the Motto Shoppe with giving my goodies away. I love to share!

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Preview of the hand made Christmas Bags coming soon

I have been busy gathering the goodies that I will put in the Christmas gift bags. I stamped some beautiful Christmas designs on the caramel cream premium muslin that I dyed. I have some little adorable colored jingle bells, along with some with antique brass finish.
I have some red heart buttons, little wood buttons shaped like trees...SO cute! Little wood star buttons too. And three full packs of my hand dyed buttons. Seam ribbon in a deep red that I overdyed. Three, full 5 yard packs, of my hand dyed chenille in a soft green, dark green and antique red. 5 (20 yard) skeins of my floss in Christmas colors. Cluny ric rac in 3 colors. Ecru cluny trim. I have some packs of vintage tiny ric rac in a nice Christmas red so I wound 1 yard on a tiny wood spool. I couldn't decide on charts...not sure which to pick but but I finally selected the Treasured Friend, Christmas ornament collection (shown are some of the patterns stitched but are not included) and the Believe pattern from one of my other ornament collections. I bought some gold mesh draw string bags to put the smaller goodies in. Finally I added 6 reproduction post cards that I had printed back in the 90's. Great Christmas post cards you can send.  I think that covers it! It will be a $70 value when I am finished and I will have a give away in November and another one at Christmas so be sure to check back. I may add a piece of fabric to one of the give aways. I also have just listed these in my eBay store.

******No entering yet! This is just to get your attention!!

I wanted you to see what keeps me so busy!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Victorian Lady Gift Bag give-away, enter now!

Thank you for the kind emails and compliments on the Victorian Lady Gift Bag. These are fun to create....they do take a lot of time to select the perfect goodies to give with the bag. No....I don't get a lot of sleep.....and do spend a great deal of time on my work.

For this gift bag I selected two vintage cluny laces, 2 yards each, and an assortment of 6 other laces, 2 yards each. 2 cotton tapes, seam ribbon tape, satin ribbon, all two yards each. An assortment of cream buttons. 6 elegant ladies post cards for you to send to friends or display. 6 skeins of my hand dyed floss. The charm assortment is perfect for this bag. It includes little doves, a butterfly, little hearts, 4 made with love charms, a silk cord spool, scissors, a Singer sewing machine and two little dress hangers. I am also going to include cream colored chenille trim not pictured here. There are also two mother of pearl hearts to sew on for a cute finish. I think that covers it all! Over $70 in goodies for one lucky winner. I also sell these for $49.99 in my ebay store or direct from me. I will also be selling just the bag for $24.99.
I also added this adorable button, it is wood and shaped like a butterflky. It is about 3/4" across.
Rules: Same as always. You must be a follower and post a comment here. If you post it on your blog or send a friend to join you will get three more entries. Drawing to be September 30th. I will do another drawing before Christmas to let others have a chance to win. Enter now!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Victorian Lady gift bag coming soon

I was thinking I wanted to do yet another gift bag....and then I started thinking of what goodies to put in it....and then I start digging in the inventory (after I am gone my kids will say "WHAT was that crazy old lady  Mom thinking???).... which is no small feat..............and I remembered I had some post cards that I printed back in the 90's of Victorian ladies.........and then I dug out ivory colored buttons...and vintage cluny lace rolls.......and the fun began! I went to the store to purchase a few more rubber I the only one who goes in to buy a few and leaves with $300 worth?? I can never get just one...or two.....these sales people who know me smile when I I stamped a bag with a Victorian lady on it, flowers of course, a gorgeous dress form that was oh so old fashioned looking......and I finished the first bag. I used black ink but will also do some in sepia tones. I need to get another bolt of muslin...another trip to the these are some of the items I will put in the next gift bag full of goodies. I will try to hurry and decide what else to put in it and start the give away tomorrow.
****** Be sure to come back to leave a comment on that post tomorrow to enter.

And then I started thinking about Christmas!!!!!!!!! So I started digging again..........and that story will be continued tomorrow!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Treasured Friend hand made gift bag give-away and full of goodies! Enter Now!

After the great response from all of you entering the give away for the gift bags....and several people asking me if I was going to do the Friendship bag as a give away....the answer is YES!

Lots of goodies in the hand made and hand stamped (by me) gift bag. The Treasured Friend pattern is included in this give away.
You will get a beautiful bag full of antique looking goodies, hand dyed by me. 4 yards of caramel cream eyelet, 3 yards of cluny ric rac trim, 3 yards cluny trim in cream, 6 skeins (20 yards each) of my hand dyed floss, cotton twill tape, sisal and cotton ric rac trim, a pack of hand dyed buttons, wood buttons in heart shaped, butterfly shape and round; mother of pearl heart buttons a 4 mother of pearl floss rings for needle books, antique brass finish scissors charms, key charms and silver finish stork scissors charm. Are you ready to enter?? A $70 assortment if you purchase them separately. I sell this for $49 in my ebay store.
You must be a follower, and you must post a comment here. Post on your blog and get 3 more entries. For each friend you send to join you get 3 more entries.
Drawing to be  September 30th. I will also do another drawing or two before Christmas.
Lets the comments begin!

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for being a faithful follower.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Halloween Gift Bag full of goodies give-away, enter now!

    I finally assembled all the goodies I want to put in the Halloween gift bags. Are you ready for another give-away? Of course you are!!!! One special person is going to have a great Halloween!

This gift bag is one of the hand dyed muslin bags that I have hand made and stamped. It is 6-1/2" x 11". It is filled with almost $70 in treasures. My Witch's Brew chart, hand dyed eyelet in pastel pumpkin, I dyed cluny ric rac in light pumpkin, gray and black, twill tape in black, hand dyed buttons in orange, spooky shades of gray and black. Charms include 2 copper pumpkins, 2 antique brass pumpkins, 2 hand made silver hands charms, 2 made for you heart charms, 1 silver finish stork scissors charm and an antique brass finish scissors charm. There are 2 shades of my hand dyed chenille and 2 shades of ric rac. Top it all off with 6 skeins of my hand dyed floss in Halloween colors! From me to one of you...............

So.....enter now. You must be a follower and put a comment on this post. If you post on your blog you get 3 more entries. For every friend you send who joins my blog you get 3 more entries.

Drawing to be October 1st. Enter now and let the comments begin!
Good luck everyone.


Thank you for the get well wishes

     I want to thank all of you that sent me get well wishes during the last round of health issues. The good news is that I am off crutches but the bad news is that there is extensive cartilage damage and I need to see a surgeon. Are we having fun yet??

    Know that I will keep plugging's not over 'till I win!