Saturday, July 30, 2016

We have two give-away winners today!

I am happy to announce two give-away winners today. First we have the Best Friend winner. Victoria Gable said she has a best friend of 30 years for me to give a present to. Congratulations! Please email me your friend's name and address and tell me her favorite stitching things and colors.

Next we have the Surprise present. Everyone loves a surprise!
The name drawn was Linda Adams. Congratulations Linda! Please email me.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I announce an August're going to love this one! And on August 1st I will announce the Birthday Club winner for the month so check to see if your lucky name is drawn. Be sure all of you have entered the Birthday Club. Simply email me your name, date and month of your birthday to receive a nice gift from me. I draw a name on the 1st of each month.

I want to thank all of you that took the time to enter the Christmas in July give-aways and join in the fun with me. I only wish I could have given everyone a present....but I am not the REAL Santa! I wish I was!
                                    Santa's Helper

Friday, July 29, 2016

Jingle as Ye Enter winner today!!!

I truly love to play Santa! Any time of the year! Today I get to give two lucky winners the companion charts shown above. They come with floss and all the bells shown to stitch the door hanger/wall hanging and the two ornaments.
The lucky winners are Sharyn and Charlene S. Congratulations!
Please email and give me your address.

We still have two more drawings so hurry and enter if you have not already done so. And I will have a new give-away in just a few days.
             Ho! Ho! Ho!  Enjoy your Christmas stitching.
                                      Santa Nancy

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sewing Necessaire winner today!!

We have a winner today for  one of my hand made sewing necessaires. AND the lucky winner gets to pick which one she wants! These are hand made by me, complete as shown with the little button bag filled with buttons and sewing charms. A skein of floss is included along with sewing trims and felted wool needle pages with the large flower head pin. Retail is $25.99.
Congratulations to Kimberly Pace. Please email and give me your selection and your address.
The Necessaires are, from top to bottom, red and cream, The Christmas Giving Quilt, Olde Blue Floral, Williamsburg Sampler (I have that in the multi colors, brown tones and faded blues) and the Tan Floral.

I will be dyeing new cluny lace trims to include in my necessaires very soon. I only have a million things to do around here....and never enough time to do them. I was cutting out more necessaires for fall and will be sewing them later this week so stay tuned. Sounds like it will be a give-away too.

Thank you to all who entered the give-away. I wish I could give a present to everyone.
                                    Santa Nancy

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Favorite Things winner today!!

These are a few of my favorite things.......
Thank you to all who entered and took the time to tell me your favorite things. The lucky winner that was drawn said her favorite things were Quaker designs, my Welcome Spring Sampler pattern and trims. Congratulations Gigi! Please email me and give me your address and I will have your package on it's way to you.

We still have a few days of drawings left for Christmas in July so make sure you are entered. It's not too late to enter and all you need to do is be a follower and leave a comment on the post.

I will be working on the new cluny lace trims that I got delivered. The biggest challenge was finding room for 150 rolls of lace. So many boxes! I need to dye a few primitive floss colors and then I can start dyeing the lace. I am excited about adding this lace as it is the nicest cluny lace I have bought in years. Excellent quality. Now to come up with some beautiful colors. And for packaging I appreciate all of your comments. I will do three trims in the same color, 2 yards each, to a package. Not sure on pricing yet. Good lace is not cheap these days. You know I always give a good discount to all of you to help as much as I can.

This has been another fun Christmas in July and I appreciate all of you who enter the give-aways. Stay tuned for more winners.
                                             Santa Nancy

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I would love your opinion about trims

As I was warming the dye pot the other day I started thinking about dyeing more trims. I have sold a lot of 1/2" regular ric rac and the 1/2" cluny ric rac. And each time I do a 1" cluny lace it sells out very fast. I simply love the crocheted look of this lace and it adds so much to a finished item. I used to do a lot of smalls years ago but then I simply got too busy to stitch and I started on the samplers and I was hooked. My walls are filled. I keep saying I am going to get a larger house just so I can add more samplers!

So I have a couple questions about this 1" cotton cluny lace. It looks so old fashioned when dyed in soft colors (which I love) and can be bright and bold and new looking when the colors are changed. This base is white so I will do a patriotic pack with red, white and blue. That's a given. Then I want to do so softer colors and even the primitive set. Probable cinnamon, rust, a dark plum, a faded blue, antique caramel......I still have to decide how many colors I am going to do. What colors do you like best for finishing? Basic colors to keep in stock. And MOST OF ALL I wanted to ask if you think 1 yard of each color is enough? On a wider trim like that I usually put one yard because the package can get pretty bulky but I can do two yards of each color. I was going to do three trims per package instead of singles. I have to decide if the three pack will be the same trim in three different colors or three styles of the same color. Talk to me......

I am thinking of adding a 3/8" lace as I have sold it before in neutral shades  and it might be perfect for very small items.


I will do two styles in the wider cluny lace. It is actually 1-1/8" and I have been told it is preshrunk which is nice. Then when it hits the hot water in the dye bath it will not shrink. My order should be delivered later this week and after I have some dyed I will show them to you.

    You know how much I value your opinions and I love to hear from you. If you would take the time to leave a comment I would appreciate your opinion.   I know a lot of you do your own finishing. And this lace is so easy to tack down with tiny stitches. Speaking of easy to sew....I have a great vintage gold metallic ric rac I will show you next. It looks terrific, is tarnish proof, and I know a lot of you do primitive Christmas items and this would be a great trim to have. I was lucky enough to buy some rolls from a guy going out of business and he had these in the stock room for many years. I just may have to stitch a couple smalls just to use some of this.

Thanks for stopping by.......

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Woodland Floss Collection winner today!!

I have the best job......and I get to play Santa any time I want!
And today I get to announce a winner for the Woodland Floss Collection. 12 skeins of woodland favorites and this collection comes with 3 extra skeins! The first 30 boxes have the extras.
The name drawn was Darlene Schwarzmann. Congratulations!
Please email me and give me your address.
Thank you to all who entered. I wish I could give everyone a gift...maybe if I live long enough I will get that chance! lol  I figure by the time I am 100 I might reach that keep following!
Be sure you have entered all the Christmas in July give-aways.....and stay tuned as you don't want to miss the birthday celebration with me next month for my birthday. I ALWAYS share my birthday with you.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day! I know Darlene will.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Christmas in July Surprise Present give-away! Enter Now!

Santa Nancy has saved the most fun give-away for last. A SURPRISE present! Everyone loves to open a present and get a surprise....and you will love this one!

Rules: You must post a comment here. You must be a follower at the right. Click to follow by Faithful Friends.

****Post on you blog, Facebook or stitching group and get 100 more entries!

Drawing to be July 30th so hurry and enter and tell your friends to enter. You won't be disappointed with this stitching present....I promise.
You must check back to see if you are a must follow!
Good luck to all who enter.
Thank you for making this a fun Christmas in July!!
                            Santa Nancy

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christmas in July. Favorite Things Give-away! Enter now!

Yes it is time for your Favorite Things Give-away. Not my favorites...yours! You tell me your favorite colors for floss.....fabrics (linen or aida), tell me if you like finishing trims. Do you like Quaker patterns or samplers? Do you have a favorite chart of mine that you would like? Tell me your favorites and I will send you a surprise package of goodies for Christmas in July!

Rules: You must be a follower at the right. Click to follow by Faithful Friends. You must post a comment here.
***Post on your blog, Facebook or Stitching group and get 100 more entries!

Drawing to be July 27th so hurry and enter. You must check back to see if you are a winner. Be sure you have entered all the current give-aways.
Good luck to everyone.
                                         Santa Nancy

Friday, July 8, 2016

Primitive Merry Christmas and Jingle as Ye Enter give-away, enter now!

As I continue with Christmas in July, this give-away will be for two charts of mine. Jingle as Ye Enter, Jingle as Ye go which makes an adorable door hanger or wall hanging. It also comes with a free ornament pack. The birds are holding small brass bells hanging from a piece of floss in their beaks. I display mine every Christmas. As a companion chart I made a primitive Merry Christmas chart called Decorating the Tree. Cute little birds decorating this tree and as a bonus for both charts I am including all the over dyed floss and bells! These are some of my best sellers for that reason. It comes with all the instructions and pictures for a simple...yes very simple, finish. No hand sewing it closed when you are finished. A simple fold over flap secured with a button.
These are listed in my ebay store and I also sell them direct. Lets give a few away!!

RULES: You should know them by now! You must be a follower and you must post a comment here. Post on your blog, Facebook or stitching group and get 100 more entries!

Lets give two sets away. Drawing to be July 29th so hurry and tell your friends to enter. Good luck everyone!
                                            Santa Nancy

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas in July Necessaire give-away!! Enter now!

I love December, in July....I love to give presents all year long. It's always fun to do the Christmas in July lets give away a necessaire to one lucky winner. If we have over 200 entries I will give away a second one.
****These are hand made by me and filled with trims, felt needle pages, large pin, button bag with charms and buttons, etc.

Lots of color choices....The Giving Quilt makes a beautiful necessaire......but I also love the Williamsburg Sampler fabric (I have it in browns, multi and blues).....and then the REDS!!!! My favorite color of course. The brown floral is the most antique looking pattern I think I many choices! I will let the winner select on the day of the drawing.

RULES:    I have the same rules for every drawing. You must be a follower at the right. Click to follow by faithful friends. If you are not a follower and I draw your name I will have to draw another name.
You must post a comment here.
Post on your blog, Facebook or stitching group and get 100 more entries!
Drawing to be July 28th so hurry and tell your friends to enter. You must check back to see if you are a winner. You must follow!
Good luck to all who enter!
                                         Santa Nancy

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th!!!!

Wishing all of you here in the states a very Happy 4th of July! A wonderful day to celebrate in this country.

I am celebrating with my family and taking a day off so I am posting this early. I wanted to announce the winner of the Star Spangled Banner floss set. The name drawn was Louise. Congratulations! Please email and give me your address.

I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday with loved ones.

I will be back soon with more Christmas in July to share so stay tuned.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Halloween Patchwork floss winner today

Lots of goodies have been going out to lucky winners and today we have The Halloween Patchwork boxed set winner.

July will be filled with lucky winners so be sure and stay tuned.
Today the lucky winner is Jennifer Janney. Congratulations! Please email me and give me your address.
I have dyed more floss for another boxed set that I will show next week. I have tons of orders to get out today before the holiday....and a much needed day of rest.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 1, 2016

We have a July Birthday Club winner today

On the first of each month I draw the name of a winner for The Birthday Club. Today the lucky winner is Robin Pinkham. Her birthday is on the 13th and we all want to wish her a very Happy Birthday!! Please email me Robin and give me your address so I can send you a nice present.
Be sure that all of you have sent me the month and date of your birthday so I can enter you in the Birthday Club. Email me at