Monday, June 25, 2018

Tribute to Sisters, Forever in My Heart give-away, enter now

Forever in My Heart, a Tribute to Sisters. My all-time favorite collection. I saved 30 boxes for this second release.

 I wanted to do a tribute to sisters everywhere......and this collection is my tribute. Filled with beautiful soft colors to stitch your own memories. I am sure you have noticed some of my unusual names for floss. Meaningful names. Like Best Friends, Forever in my Heart, Guardian Angel, Stitching Together, Summer Playhouse, Hopscotch, Memory Quilt, Favorite Dolly, Everlasting Flowers, Easter Bonnets, Tea Party and Favorite Flowers. A few of the memories I have of my sisters, my Guardian Angels, and maybe some of yours.

 These will sell fast. They are $27.99 plus postage and only available here. A beautiful boxed set filled with favorite memories.

I also want to give a set away.
Rules:  You must be a follower by Faithful Friends.
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*****Post on Facebook, your blog, Flosstube, or stitching group and get 100 more entries.
Drawing to be July 14. Lots of time to enter and tell your friends to enter. It's all about sharing.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for being a Faithful Follower. And thank you for being my friends.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Floss Collections coming soon!

Lots of new floss collections coming soon! July will be filled with dyeing LOTS of floss and great new collections.

Some of my best sellers have been the Halloween/Sleepy Hollow and the Victorian (Burgundy, reds, golds, greens) Christmas. I will be doing a new collection for each of those. All new colors....perfect for holiday stitching. I will also have a new patriotic collection of our favorite red, white and blues. Lets add another Autumn collection......and the list goes on.
These will be dyed and carded in July and August.  Throw in a few flower collections......Then I will do a few special collections and end with a Spring/Easter collection of pastels. As I said, LOTS of floss! And there will be a give-away for a box of each collection as it becomes available.

I have been asked to dye the floss for another SAL, Tis the Season with the beautiful Cardinal. I will be dyeing those colors next week even though the SAL doesn't start until Labor Day. I will have pre-orders when the floss is done. We are still working out the floss requirements.

Lets not forget that Christmas in July will soon be here! I love the give-aways and being able to share with so many of you. It will be a fun filled celebration....mixed in the the 4th celebration....and some very nice gifts to give away. Don't miss it!

July 1st will be the announcement for the Birthday Club winner, floss club winners, and the 1st day of Christmas. To say I am busy is an understatement but I love every minute of it.

So stay tuned.......

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

FLOSS CLUB give-away, enter now! Win 240 yards of beautiful floss

Lets give away some floss! 240 yards of beautiful over dyed floss, your choice of Primitives(more muted colors) or the Limited Editions. ONE free month in the floss club! And if you are already a member in the floss club that means you get the free month.

One winner for the Primitives and one winner for the Limited Editions. Be sure to post in your comment which club you want so I can keep the entries separate for the day of the drawing.

You all know how much I love to share.

To enter:
You MUST be a follower. Click to follow my blog by Faithful Friends
You MUST post a comment here.

Tell your friends to enter. It's all about sharing and giving. One of the best parts of life.

Drawing to be July 1st so hurry and enter. Invoices go out that day and you might not have to pay one.

Stay tuned as I will be having my Christmas in July as I always do. LOTS of great gifts and winners. I simply love to play Santa and could use a little fun right now.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Thank you

I had promised to start a new give-away this weekend and it will be delayed until next week. Thank you in advance for your patience.

I don't usually post personal things but my sister-in-law passed away suddenly earlier this week. Thank you for the kind emails I received. This is a difficult time for my family as this is the 4th sister in 4 years we have lost.

All of the orders that have just come in this week will all be mailed by Monday. Thank you again for your patience.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Shipping days this week

Once again it has been a very busy week with all of the club shipments. Almost half of them went out yesterday and we will be packing and shipping all day long today. The extras will go out tomorrow. It looks like I will need to add a third day for printing shipping labels and packing each month.

If you added inventory or more linen those orders will go out Friday.
The new orders for the Eliza Bell Cox linen and floss will go out Friday and Saturday. I had quite a few people sign up for that this week and I will need to ship my regular orders first and then I am dyeing more linen on Friday for Eliza. Once again, I thank all of you for your orders for the SAL. I still have floss available and can dye more linen at any time.

Stay tuned as I will have a new give-away this weekend. Now to decide what to give away.....that's the fun part!

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 1, 2018

We have winners today!

We have winners today....
We have the name drawn for the Birthday Club today. Happy Birthday Connie Murdock! Please send me an email Connie. Her birthday is on the 8th and we all want to wish her a very Happy Birthday. And to all of you who have a June birthday......I hope you all have a very special birthday celebration.

    Next we have winners today for the Special Edition floss. First we have Jamie Palmer who will receive 6 skeins. Next is Sheryl Hardesty. And we also have Beth. Congratulations!

And I am sending out your club invoices all day today and tomorrow so be sure to let me know tomorrow night if you have not received your invoice.

Thank you.