Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pictures of Limited Editions and Primitives

I had a couple requests to show a few pictures of some of the Limited Editions that I have been dyeing. Here are the Limited Editions for February:
Here are the Primitive Limited Editions for February:

Lots of beautiful colors to stitch with. The Primitive Limited Editions have the closest DMC conversion listed on the tags. If it is a mix of 3 variegated colors I don't put a conversion.

You can join the clubs at any time during the month and receive the current selections.

I will be receiving the 20 new colors the Kansas Guild carded for me next week and list them. Lots of shading in these new colors. And speaking of colors.....spring is just around the corner and I ordered 60 cones to over dye and hope to get them in the next two weeks. I want to do all new flower boxes....lots of great colors and flowers for Spring. 126,000 yards of new colors! The Kansas gals will be very busy carding floss next month! I don't know what I would do without them right now. I am carding all the limited editions until I get way ahead on floss. Speaking of which.....I better get to floss this morning. I have a three day marathon of the dye pot to look forward to.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Simply gorgeous colors you have created, Nancy!

  2. Such rich, gorgeous, colors Nancy. No one does them like you. I finally picked up my needle and thread a few weeks back and stitched your little "You Are Always In My Heart" design in one of your yummy variegated reds...It's beautiful. (Once I unearth my sewing machine and actually finish it into a tuck, I will post it on my blog.) Smiles & Thursday Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Oh you temptress! Showing pictures of the Primitive Limited Edition! We love you Nancy you are our favorite Thread Queen! I can truly say the 20 colors coming to you from the Kansas Guild is Fabulous! The overdyed variegated is so rich I can't wait to try them! Love from your Fan Club in Kansas! Hugs

  4. Oh I have to have these! When can we order these Nancy?

    1. These are available now. You can buy one month at a time for Limited Editions or Primitive Limited Editions, 2 months, 3, 6 or 12. email me.

  5. Oh, you had to go and show me the ones I didn't buy! I love the other limited editions, darn it! Those are gorgeous colors.

  6. no me canso de ver esos preciosos hilos que tiΓ±es , son una maravilla



  7. Love all the colors!
    We had so much fun getting your new floss colors ready, sending them back today. So many rich, wonderful luscious colors.

  8. I have been looking to see who won the free month and can't find anything. Has it been posted?

  9. That drawing will be on the 21st.

  10. On your soft pink thread I think of cotton candy!