Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Floss Club Invoices Feb

The invoices were sent out this morning for the floss clubs. The Ultimate Collection and the Limited Editions are billed on the 1st and mailed on the 5th. If you added the Primitive Limited Editions you were billed for that club too.

If you just signed up for the Primitive Limited Editions your invoice will be sent on the 15th and mailed on the 16th.

Thanks so much.

PLEASE let me know if you did not receive your invoice.



  1. have a nice day to all Marie-Claire

  2. I received my invoice but I am still waiting on money to transfer from my bank to my Paypal. I only get paid once a month. :(

  3. Nancy, Thank you! You are so sweet! I received my floss with the extra Valentine skien and the adorable other treasures! I am so pleased each month with all the beautiful colors that you create. Thanks again and Happy Valentine's Day to you! Suzette P

  4. Once again it's a FOTM "petting zoo" at my house! LOL Love the sweet charm, buttons and the Valentine skein is such a gorgeous color. I know exactly where I'm going to use them all! Thank you so much! :-)