Friday, February 17, 2017

Listing extras of Limited Editions and new names for floss colors

I had dyed a lot of extra floss this month, a lot more than I needed for my Limited Editions for the clubs. I think I am going to put some of the boxes together and list them on ebay. I won't be listing them each month....just when I have a lot of extras. I simply don't have the room to store them and if you want another box you will be able to get them on ebay.
The ONLY difference is that you won't get the club price with the free skein. You have to join the club for the free one.

I have had a couple people email to say they didn't want to commit to a club....but as I have said, you can join for one month at a time. No strings attached....or now you can buy some of them in my ebay store after they are listed.

Now to a fun can imagine after naming hundreds of skeins for dozens of collections that it is hard to come up with new color names. I like names that describe a color....not some wild and crazy name that has nothing to do with the color.

I would love some suggestions for names of colors.
Put on your thinking can post here or email me with your suggestions.
Lets name:
a soft pink, lavender, a light variegated blue, a dark chocolate brown, a golden brown, a medium grey and an off white to start.
I will be dyeing these colors this weekend. A drop in the bucket....I need to dye 200,000 yards of floss over the next few weeks.
All new flower collections coming this spring. I will show some colors and let you name a few more real soon.
Thanks for your help!! I know a couple of you have helped me with color names before and we had lots of fun.



  1. might be a little hard, without seeing the colors, but here it goes:

    soft pink - pretty petal
    lavender - happy hyacinth
    light variegated blue - glacier blue
    dark chocolate brown - cocoa crisp
    golden brown - honey bear
    medium grey - platinum
    off white - baby's breath

  2. My suggestions:
    Soft pink--baby lips
    lavender-- last light
    light v blue-winter dusk
    dark chocolate brown--chocolate kiss
    golden brown- fall glow
    medium gray--winter day
    off white- sugar creme

  3. Soft pink--dawn blush, shell
    Lt var blue--winter sky
    Dk chocolate brown--hot chocolate, chocolate lab
    Golden brown--brown sugar, maple syrup, caramel (I'm getting hungry!)
    Med gray--shale, slate, favorite sweats?
    Off white--eggshell, limestone, chalk

  4. Guess I go for the "darker" color names. LOL
    Soft pink--Spring Bouquet
    Lavender--Easter Parade
    Var blue--Miss Robin's eggs
    Dk Chocolate Brown--Mud Pie
    Golden Brown--golden retriever
    Med Gray--ghost in the graveyard
    Off white--Winter White

  5. Good morning, Nancy! Your colors are beautiful!

    soft pink - Auntie's roses
    lavender - frilly iris
    light variegated blue - winter sky
    dark chocolate brown - hot cocoa
    golden brown - fresh oak
    medium grey - rain clouds
    off white - snowdrop

    I hope that you have an amazing Monday!

  6. Ok, sounds like fun!
    soft pink - Baby's Cheek
    lavender - First Light
    light variegated blue - Little Boy Blue
    dark chocolate brown - Mocha Latte
    golden brown - Teddy Bear Brown
    medium grey - Mourning Dove
    off white - Lily-of-the-Valley

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!