Wednesday, February 22, 2017

LOTS of new floss colors/sets today!

Once again the Kansas Guild has helped me out tremendously and carded 2200 skeins of floss for me at their fundraiser. Lots of beautiful colors that I received yesterday. Of course I already knew what I wanted to do with these here they are:
Heirloom Treasures Collection:
Deep rich colors in yellows, oranges, red, greens, purple, pink and a rich brown. This boxed set of 12 is $27.99

Next I took 5 beautiful browns and English Scone to make this 6 skein set. It is $14.70.
And last I have a 2 skein Christmas set...a rich red and green. It is $4.90.
I received my shipment of 60 cones from DMC this morning and the dye pot will be going for days and days.....then off to be carded by these wonderful Kansas Elves that I have come to treasure! lol
I hope they don't head for the hills when I send them 126,000 yards of floss to be carded! Maybe I shouldn't have told them

I will be listing these on Ebay today but I always appreciate direct sales. Email if you would like any of these.

Have a great day....thanks for stopping by!
                         The Floss Queen