Friday, December 15, 2017

Final Decision on floss club bonus prizes for 2018

Thank you for your input on my idea of the floss club bonus prizes/give-aways for 2018.
Here is what I had posted:
I was thinking of new give-aways for 2018......and I think I will start with a bonus present in the floss clubs. I will dye some special colors each month and 6 skeins will go to one lucky winner. I will put everyone's name in the hat and draw a winner each month. I will dye new colors each month. The present will then be included with your floss shipment. I thought this would be a nice way of saying thank you to my floss club members. All of the floss clubs will be included.

Here is what I decided:
I will draw a winner for the Limited Editions Club each month and the Primitive Limited Editions each month. (The Ultimate Club was closed last year)
 I will dye 12 custom colors each month. If you receive 6 skeins a month you will win 6 skeins. If you receive 12 skeins a month you will win 12 skeins of my special dyed floss.  One winner in each club each month.
I will make a list of members for each club. After you win I will mark your name off the list so others get a chance to win. I have drawn the same name in give-aways that were close together before.  If you win in one club you can still win in another. Many of you are in two or three clubs. I wanted to make it fair so everyone has a good chance of winning.
If you are in the Linen Club I will send 6 skeins if you receive 1/8 yard each month and 12 skeins if you receive 1/4 yard or larger each month.

I will draw names on the 1st and announce the winners. will have to wait to see your surprise floss! I know, that's mean. lol I will then wait a week and show everyone the special colors you received. I have not decided how many of each color I will dye and when they will be available if anyone wants to purchase them. So many things to think about.

So there you have it. Special give-aways for my loyal customers that I appreciate so very much. 2018 will be lots of fun! Of course I will have other give-aways that anyone can enter. We always have lots of give-aways around here. Sharing is what it is all about. The best part of my life.
All you can take with you is that which you've given away.



  1. Merry Christmas Nancy.


  2. It will be a fun 2018. Merry Christmas Nancy.

  3. I think it would be fun to be surprised.

  4. That is a very sweet thing to do. I've been meaning yo join one of your clubs for a while but funds are tight & I haven't had much stitching time. You do so much for your fans that the stitching community is blessed to have you Nancy! Have a wonderful holiday