Sunday, March 29, 2020

Linen Club

I always appreciate my Flosstube friends and loyal customers who show my products. A BIG thank you once again! You have been showing my hand dyed linen, especially the neutral/sampler shades I have been sending out. The Antique Sampler and Parchment are selling like hot cakes!

The linen club prices are the best way to go. Saves you a few dollars on every size. Here are the prices:
I have Zweigart linen in  28, 32, 36, 40 and 46ct.

Club price                                 individual sale price
1/8yd   $9                                  $11
1/4yd  $19                                 $23
1/2yd  $39                                 $47
plus postage.

A lot of you get the neutral/sampler shades (75% of you!) can sign up to get all colors. Most of my linen has mottling but I occasionally dye solid colors. You can sign up for solids if you don't like mottling.

I have had so many emails this weekend after a very good friend showed my Parchment linen on a video...….so I wanted to post some details about the linen to answer some of your questions.

A big thank you for all the new members; floss and linen clubs. 26 new members this week! And I am swamped with emails for the linen club. We are changing the shipping schedule so the linen only customers will ship out before the floss and linen. Hopefully with the new schedule the linen will ship by the 10th and floss with linen on the 11-15th.

To join you simply send me an email with your request.
I will need you to send me the email you use for Paypal and your zip code to send your invoices on the 1st of each month. Cancel at any time.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope to post linen pictures soon. We are having trouble with the main computer and they are not doing home repair calls during this time. So I have to use the laptop for now.

Thank you.
Stay well and be safe everyone.



  1. Yeah, that parchment linen I got this week was Beeea-utiful. I just want a piece of that every month! Ha!

  2. I would LOVE to see photos of your linens...and will have to try to track down some of those videos/flosstubes to which you referred. I have had a hard time picking linen online...It seems when I get what I think is the perfect color, it has a green tone or pink tone to it... Stay safe and well ~ Robin

  3. I love your linen and have used it on several projects

  4. The prizes this month are lovely. Something to think about other than you know what...Thank you!