Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Birthday winner for March

What a big surprise....I did a post on the 1st and for the first time I did not go back to check the preview....and my post was not there from the 1st! A friend asked me if I had stopped the Birthday Club! Of course not......we always celebrate Birthdays around here.
We have a Birthday Club winner today to help celebrate.
Happy Birthday to Diana Ballard. Her birthday is on the 9th and we want to wish her a very Happy Birthday! Please send me an email with your address Diana. nbelgian@aol.com
And to all of you who have a birthday this month I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by loved ones.



  1. Good for you Diana. Happy Birthday to all march celebrations

  2. Wishing Diana and all the March babies a fabulous birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday all March babies and Congratulations Diana