Sunday, March 8, 2020

Did you get the Fabulous Red Collection?

 Centennial Red, Scrumptious Red, Fabulous Red, Mrs. Claus Red, Prim Valentine, Oh Scarlet!, Rose Red, Antique Red, Valentine Red, Red Burgundy, Rich Red and Holiday Red.

 AND if you ordered one and have not yet paid your invoice....please do so now unless you have made arrangements with me in advance. I have several unpaid invoices and customers who want this collection.

INVOICES: when you are finished with the clubs please send me an email to cancel your invoices. They go out each month until you cancel. Unpaid invoices means you can not enter the give-aways I have all year long. Please be considerate and send me an email when you want to end a subscription.

Thank you.



  1. Yes, I got mine and love it. Beautiful reds. Look forward to more color collections.

  2. is there a color chart I can look at and order my own separate colors!

  3. Hi Nancy. Will you have this red collection available soon? Please put me on the list. Thank you very much, Shirley Davis