Saturday, November 14, 2015

Red and Cream Sewing Necessaires

I absolutely love red and cream......and these fabrics are some of my favorites. Here are just a few of my favorite reds...these sell as fast as I can list them! They are such nice gifts....and one gal said this is for me!!!! Made me laugh.
I dyed a beautiful red  floss just for these and I am including a small wooden spool with 1 yard of a mini red ric rac. It is adorable!
Singer sewing machine charm, scissors, hand made hearts, red heart buttons and I loved the red PLAID buttons! I have been saving these for something special and I think this is it.

I don't know if I will have time today to show the green and cream prints but I will try.

Also remember that the 15% of all of my floss, including collections, is ending tomorrow. This was my last sale for this year. Please make special arrangements with me if you need me to hold something for you.

Back to taking pictures!


  1. Really? You whet our appetite with red and cream and now you say there is a green and cream? Wonderful!

  2. Another lovely batch of necessaires. You have been a busy bee, Nancy!

  3. I thought the Blues were fabulous, and now the Reds and you have greens yet to show...WOW.

  4. Oh my God, those red abd cream sewing sets are adorable! I'm speechless!

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  6. Like you Nancy, I love read and cream/beige. (Beautiful fabrics)

  7. OMGosh, I saw the blue post first. I absolutely love the red.

  8. Wow! Blue is my favorite color, but these red and cream ones are gorgeous!

  9. What a gread combination of colours, these look absolutely stunning :)

  10. Nancy, those fabrics are just gorgeous. This floss and other needfuls may be dancing in my head next to the sugar plum fairy tonight.