Monday, February 17, 2014

Youths Flowery Season new Sampler design

It was another busy week and another sampler pattern completed. I wanted to show the difference when you change the background color on the stitching really changes the look of the sampler just like clicking on a color and changing can go from bright and new colors to old and faded with a about easy!
This new design is called Youths Flowery season. Another quote from a very early sampler.
Youths flowery Season soon will pass
And Beauty's Bloom decay
But Knowledge, Wisdom, Virtue, Grace
Will never fade away.
In the fair regions of the Blest
External roses Bloom
No Storms nor Blights can enter there,
No Pain, no Death, no Tomb

I liked the flowing border I had just done on the Patience sampler so I did a vine and added rose buds and leaves. A nice spring sampler.....birds, flowers, butterflies, bees...all wrapped in one sentiment. I just keep drawing until it is about fun!
Charted for DMC. I like to make it easy on everyone. You can always change the colors if you wish. Pattern size is 267 x 331. 16.7" x 20.7" finished size.
I send 10 pages with each chart. Four color blocks pages, 4 symbols pages (use the one you prefer) pattern information and color key. Chart is $14.99. I will put the chart in my ebay store today. I will be sending this out to a model stitcher but that will take a while to stitch. Email if you would like a chart.
I have several verses I want to use and now to decide which one for the next sampler......
Thanks for stopping by....have a great day!


  1. I can see why you chose this verse. How lovely.

  2. Beautiful verse, and a lovely design! :D

  3. Another beautiful sampler. I love the verse!

  4. Beautiful, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  5. All the samplers you've been lately are so pretty. I love the verse on this one!

  6. Another beautiful piece, Nancy. I love this verse.

  7. Beautiful sampler and verse. If I had to choose, it would be the darker of the two.

  8. Love the border, Nancy. What a pretty piece.
    Judy in Kansas

  9. Le sampler est très beau Marie-Claire