Monday, February 10, 2014

Another busy week,another new sampler

It's been another very busy week around here...and another new sampler pattern emerges....An Almighty Friend.
Everyone seems to be anxiously awaiting spring and warm weather...and I thought a sampler with flowers....birds...bees and butterflies...and roses on the gate would be fitting. Lots of color in this design.....and a flowing leaf border. Charted for DMC to make it easy for all. Design size is 174 x 174 stitches. Finished size is 10.9 x 10.9 inches. Pattern is $12.99 plus postage. Color blocks plus symbols charts included.. Email if you would like one.

I love the man that scorns to bend
beneath afflictions blast
Who trusts in an almighty friend
for his reward at last

The next sampler will be another large one....just getting the rough draft done on the pattern....and it looks like another 25 hours or more to chart this one. You can see why I send these out to model stitchers.

We still have lots of snow on the ground here...but I do love winter. I like spring...but our hot and humid summers I will enjoy winter for a while yet.

Make sure you have signed up for the Valentine's Day drawing that is quickly approaching.

Thanks for stopping by.......back to the drawing board.


  1. That is a lovely sampler. I love the willow tree, always a sucker for a willow tree in a design. Wishing you a great Tuesday

  2. Love your work, yes I do love winter and spring. Summer heat is hard on me and having an air conditioner on all day bothers me, but it keeps it cool. I saw a red cardinal at my feeder today so I think Spring will be here.

  3. Hi Nancy - I love all these samplers you are coming up with! They're beautiful! Am looking forward to the Valentine's Day drawing! :)

    Tedra - Phoenix, AZ

  4. Another lovely sampler, Nancy! Have a great week!

    Robin in Virginia

  5. This is my favorite so far.Love love love it

  6. Another beauty. Such a cheerful sampler. Love it.

  7. Hi Nancy, I really like this all the birds!

  8. What a beautiful sampler - you have amazing talent! Please also add me to your drawing. Thanks!

    Patti in MI

  9. That is a very beautiful sampler. I love the thoughts that it conveys!

  10. Wow...another beautiful sampler. You sure have been busy!

    Judy Heartland stitcher

  11. I love all your new samplers!! Thanks for the generous give away.

  12. I would love to be entered in your Valentines giveaway. I love your new sampler Happy day

  13. I'm loving all your new samplers! My hubby says the hot, humid summer weather is just as bad as the brutal winter weather -- they both keep him stuck in the house. I much prefer warmer weather when I don't have to wear 10 layers of clothes. Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. I really like the border! Where is the verse from? Lovely stitching too.

    1. The verse was from an 1800's sampler I had seen years ago....I always jot down these verses when I see them.....