Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Patience Sampler!

It has been a long week and another sampler pattern is done. I love old samplers...but I prefer to design my own. These will be the future heirlooms and antiques a hundred years from now. I like to look at the pictures of the old ones... and then take the drawing wand and go for it. This border is similar to one I had seen from an 1827 sampler. There were a couple from that same area that did similar borders and then I wanted to add of my favorites....and a house of course.....and on and on and on......and I left a space above the roof if you wanted to put in your family name, initials, a date, etc. Your family name would be nice.

Patience will wipe away the streaming tear
And hope will paint the palid cheek of fear
Content will always happiness supply
And virtue calls a blessing from on high

This chart is 249 x 314 stitches. The finished size on 32ct linen will be 15.6 x 19.6 inches. This will take my model stitcher a while to I am printing charts from the stitching program picture on linen. It is charted for DMC floss and I am blending a few colors together. The actual sampler will be stitched on some very antiqued linen....a dark caramel....and then I may over dye the whole thing once it is stitched! Since it will be DMC and color fast I may have a go at it and dip and dunk it into some dye wash to age it further. I have done that with other samplers and love the finished result.
Charts will be $14.99. Six pages of color blocks that are easy to follow. Not a lot of colors so it is not too confusing. I have had many stitchers tell me they like my charts simply for this reason. Easy to follow. Symbol blocks chart also included for reference.
If you would like a chart email Postage is extra. Charts will be ready to mail tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by....back to the drawing board. I am working on a sampler with a leaf border that is stunning.....hope to have that one to show next week and then it will be off to a model stitcher. Have to keep those needles busy! Mine have been busy in the evenings stitching mottoes for goodness are these hands sore. Chart all day and stitch all evening. My break time is do the laundry...cook dinner....iron trims for ebay orders...pack kits.....after 9 years of 7 days a week with my ebay business I am ready for a vacation. Maybe later this year....if I last that long!
Have a great day.


  1. You should treat yourself to a vacation... You deserve it.

  2. It is gorgeous Nancy.
    I hope you last that long! ;)

  3. Lovely! Can't wait to see it stitched.

  4. Hi Nancy,

    This one is so lovely! Can't wait to see it stitched. You really do deserve a break for such a wonderful and hardworking person! I hope you get one and stick around for a long time to come!


  5. Another lovely sampler, Nancy! I think you need a vacation or short break. How about Virginia?

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Have a holiday, come to Ireland! I love this one...absolutely stunning as always

  7. Bless you, Nancy, you definitely need a vacation! This is another beautiful sampler :D

  8. Oh my word, this one is just beautiful...I may have to order this one.

  9. Stunning, Nancy. You just have such a creative mind, I love this one.
    Judy in Kansas

  10. Hello dear Nancy....I hope you remember me.... I have been MIA a good long while....but with good reason, I assure you (if that makes one whit of difference). I have missed your ceaseless and boundless creativity and energy .....What you do in a single day, I doubt I could accomplish in an entire year!! I see you have been busy - and prolific - in designing new samplers. I love old, old, samplers....and have stitched a few reproductions myself....I am particularly enamored with this patience one....the birds....the saying....absolutely perfect..... Don't know if my eyes would be up to it though..... Hope all has been well in your world....(and, you do need to slow down a bit Girlfriend!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Patience will wipe away the streaming tear..........very nice!

  12. Another good sampler! But you have to slow down before you burn out! We surely need you, fresh and bright! Hugs!