Thursday, May 11, 2017

Extra singles from club sets and Limited Editions

Several of you in the floss clubs have asked me if extra singles are available if you decide you want more of a certain color....yes they are but a limited supply.

 I dye 12 colors for a club for the month, select 6 for the smaller set (which is no easy task trying to select 6 of 12 and I try to give a nice selection) and then I box the sets of 12. The club members get a special price with one free skein. I then list the extra boxed sets in my ebay store for my regular customers who just want an occasional set. And the extra singles? They are available direct from me for a few months and then I will list any singles left  in my store. So if you are wanting more of a color be sure to contact me as soon as possible while I still have singles.

I dyed all of the 24 colors of floss for next month's clubs this week. LOTS of floss came out of the dye pot this week. I did the 20 colors that the Guild cards for me for their fundraiser next month. I also dyed the rest of the Rocky Mountain Wildflowers......I love this set! It was hard to decide which wildflowers as there were so many. I may do a second set later on. These will be available in a couple weeks and I have started taking preorders.

And then there are the Antique Dried Flowers (available soon)....I love doing soft, antique colors for flowers. I dyed half of this set and I hope to get the rest dyed on Saturday. Of course all of these colors need to be named, matched to the closest DMC color, type set the cards, print the cards, cut the cards, drill the cards.....believe me, it is a lot of work. Then send the floss out to be carded. I only card a small amount of it now as it became overwhelming for these arthritic hands of mine. My three trusty elves do a wonderful job carding floss for me. Who knew there were floss elves??!! LOL

I will show these new sets as they become available. I may card 10 boxes of each before I send the rest out to be carded because I am already getting orders. Lots of new sets this summer so stay tuned.

I get questions all the time about the if you have any questions be sure to email me.

Have a great day!
                                          Nancy  aka The Floss Queen


  1. I can't imagine just how much work goes into getting all these delicious colours of threads to your customers! I love that you have floss elves! :)

  2. Yeah for floss elves! You have such pretty colors of floss!

  3. Oh boy! Preorders..i hope mine made it to the list for those Rocky Mountain Wildflowers..i can't wait to pick out a sampler to use them in..

  4. Such lovely sounding names - Rocky Mountain Wildflowers. I even have a book of rocky Mountain Wildfowers that my Mom started stitching at least 20 years ago.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the new sets and of course I will have to have them too.
    Always amazes me to how many colors you can come up with...I know naming them is not easy either.

  6. Hello, We'll we sure are having some crazy weather. Rain Snow.I really love my sampler thread that I have ordered from you Nancy. When I need a ray of sunshine I just look at my thread. Have a good day. Deborah Chapman

  7. Your floss is so beautiful! I love stitching with it!