Sunday, January 29, 2017

Valentine gift with each floss club shipment this month

You can imagine how busy I am since I added three floss clubs. But I am never too busy to send a little Valentine with each order that goes out this month (shipments for the Limited Editions and Ultimate Collection go out on the 5th and the Primitive Limited Editions go out on the 16th) I am adding a little something for Valentine's Day for you. A hint........of course it is red and shaped like a heart. What else would it be for Valentine's Day?!

I will be sending invoices for the first two clubs on the 1st. Remember you can join at any time to receive the current month's shipment. And if you like a certain color in the shipment please contact me right away if you want more of that color. These are limited editions and I don't have a lot of extras.

I am still very busy dyeing floss....what else......I sent the 45,000 yards to the Kansas guild to card for their fund raiser and I have dyed more than that for my other clubs. The dye pot is never finished around here. 24 new colors each month for two clubs plus a few new colors for projects and my ebay store.

I hope to find a couple days real soon so I can "play" with the new fabrics I bought and make a couple fabric covered sewing boxes. I simply love the antique ones but can never catch up with them or find ones in good shape. I need a day here and there to go antique shopping. Believe it or not everything isn't on the internet just yet.....but these poor stores are closing left and right. The internet has killed so many businesses and it is such a shame. Many years ago we would take off for a week and travel three or four states and come home with a truck load of goodies. I wish I had time to do that now....but I don't. Maybe in retirement years from now.

I finished stitching the motto for the traveling museum for It's a Wonderful Life. Now for framing and then send it to them. I will show a picture when it is framed. I simply love the motto.......and have tried to live my life this way.

All you can take with you is that which you've given away.

Have a great day!


  1. Nancy, I hope you have a peaceful Sunday. Look forward to seeing the newly finished motto.

  2. Looking forward to seeing that picture and to seeing the new monthly dye club. I don't know how you get done so much and still find time to sleep!

  3. Oh my now you have peaked my curiosity with 45,000 yards of lovely floss and new colors! I can't wait to play in them!

  4. Oh you are so sweet!!! Can't wait to see what it is!! :D

    1. Nancy - I am still waiting on money to transfer into my Paypal account so I can pay your invoice. :(

    2. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the traveling motto. You do live your life by this, you are such a giving and caring person.

    And those sewing boxes sound very interesting.

    Hope you can take a little time for yourself.

    Can hardly wait to see all the new colors.

  6. Loved the Valentine's gift. Thanks so much, Nancy. That was sweet of you to take all your time sending the special gifts. I love and collect buttons and enjoy sewing some on my pin keeps. take care.