Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Year, new projects, new Floss Club

The first day of the new year........a fresh start for all of us. Lots of projects planned as I am sure you all do the same. No resolutions really, just projects, fun things to do, and lots of floss!

I will be sending out the invoices for the Floss Clubs today. Remember you can join at any time during the month and receive the current selections.

I will be sending the invoices for the new Primitive Floss Club on the 15th if you missed that post. Scroll back a few posts, same details apply as the other floss clubs.

I will try to post some pictures after everyone receives their floss. First I like them to have the surprise of opening their new colors.
And speaking of new colors, I think my dye pot will be busy all this month. I will be dyeing the limited editions for next month, primitive colors for the new club, and I have a huge amount of floss to be dyed for the Kansas gals to card for me. I should take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate all their hard work carding all these boxes of floss for me. I now have Eves!!! I send out boxes of huge hanks of floss and the elves card it and send it back in neat little bundles of cards. This has helped me tremendously and I am so thankful for all the work they do. Way to go girls! Just think...if I move to Kansas I can drop off the boxes....and get to visit too. Doesn't get any better than that.

I hope we all have a great year...filled with good things, lots of stitching, surrounded with good friends and loved ones.

                                  Happy New Year!



  1. Good morning, Nancy! Elves? In Kansas? And all this time I thought they hung out in the North Pole! LOL Happy New Year!

    1. I found some in Kansas! Of all places! lol And I cherish them.

  2. Happy New Year Nancy: How lucky you are to have Elves to help you.


  3. I paid early this morning - once the Sabbath was over. =) I'm excited to get the new set! Happy New Year. Best wishes for continued inspiration!