Sunday, May 29, 2016

Picket Fence Floss Collection with 60 yards free!

I had time to put together one more boxed set before I rest for the holiday tomorrow. If you call cooking, cleaning  and baking for the family rest! But I love it.

The floss set is The Picket Fence Collection. Garden favorites...and I love this group. Beautiful reds and greens (all of these boxed sets are newly dyed colors and very limited) for roses and vines, Pink, Plum and 2 purples.
AND I thought I would give 3 free colors ($30 retail!)with this set as I had some small dye lots left over. I have a lot of small cones, half cones, etc that are hitting the dye pot. The 3 free colors are to the right. A taupe, orange and peach. I was in a hurry to take the photograph before I lost the natural light. This will be boxed with a card as the other sets are. ONLY 20 of these boxes. If you want to place an order email me,
They are $24.99 plus $3 postage here in the states. First come first serve basis until they are gone.

Back to's going to be so nice to "relax" on the holiday tomorrow!


  1. beautiful colors. stunning. they'll go fast!

  2. Another gorgeous set, Nancy. Such an array of luscious colors. Hope you have a grand time with your family tomorrow. And hopefully a bit of relaxation too. I know how hard you work, nice that you can take a little break.

  3. Beautiful colors Nancy hugs from Belgium Marie-Claire

  4. Oh! I really love these rich tones!!

  5. Received mine in the mail yesterday and they are beautiful.

  6. I hope I can win a Picket Fence box set. Love h=r floss