Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cottage Garden (antique/primitive) Boxed Floss set plus 40yds free!

I feel like a busy bee hovering around all of these beautiful flower colors. Heavenly to look at......

Lovely to stitch with. I wanted to do another limited edition and this Cottage Garden Collection just went together perfectly. Soft, antique/primitive flower colors that fill this 12 skein boxed set. 240 yards of stitching.

I also had a couple small hanks of gorgeous I thought I would give TWO FREE SKEINS with the first 30 ( I had to add more since so many want this set) boxes sold. 40 yards of overdyed floss....I believe that would be about $20 if you went out to buy it.
I think I will just sell 40 boxes of this limited edition.
The free colors are to the right.....Columbine and French Lavender. In the boxed set are Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Dahlia, Foxglove, Garden Moss, Delphinium, Dame's Rocket, etc.

Email me if you would like a set.
I will only give the free skeins with direct sales. After I sell a few sets I might list these on ebay.
The box is $24.99 and $3 postage in the states. These sell out quickly so if you want one be sure to email me.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a nice relaxing, holiday weekend (here in the states).


  1. Love all these beautiful colors! Of course, I especially love the ones you are selling out - Columbine and French Lavender. Isn't that always the way? LOL

  2. Beautiful colours once again...
    The columbine and french lavender added to the set makes me think of a 'sweet pea' collection.... Mmmmm, I can just smell those flowers!

  3. Another lovely collection, Nancy. These are just gorgeous colors.

  4. What a beautiful flow on the over dyed colors!

  5. What a beautiful array of colors! The Delphinium is simply gorgeous!

  6. Oh what beautiful colors!!!

  7. Your floss is so beautiful Nancy hugs Marie-Claire

  8. I can not wait to recieve my box of floss :) Thanks Nancy