Friday, May 29, 2020

Important shipping update and problem found in Paypal

I am pleased to say we found the problem with the few missing orders in Paypal. Never happy with a problem or shipping issue but it is resolved.

On the 1st the Paypal invoices start going out at 9AM Central Time. We get the notices in waves.....maybe a hundred or more at a time. A few seconds later another hundred and so on until all the invoices have gone out and all of the email notifications come in to us.

Then payments start coming in as they are paid, again we receive the emails in waves. There was a glitch and we did not receive a small batch of notices of payments. We wait for payments to come in and there is never a need to double check hundreds of invoices.

But this month was different. We plan ahead and dye 95% of what is scheduled as there are some members who can't pay each month and we want to dye only the linens we need. Even wholesale linen is very expensive. So today when we found the error we dyed the linens for those orders and they will go out tomorrow and Monday. We apologize for this delay and hope next month will run smooth for all of us.
So if your linen or linen with floss order has not arrived yet then it was probably in this batch and will show up next week.

Next month we will start shipping on the 5th so we can have all orders out by the 25th. We have over 900 members now. Everyone loves the wholesale to the public prices.

I have had a lot of requests for new floss collections but to be very honest with you....we simply don't have the time right now. BUT what I will do is mini collections and they will be your club shipments this summer. I have a couple cute collections I think you will love. As they are finished I will show them but again, they will be for club members shipments. If you get 6 skeins a month then you will receive 1/2 of the 12 skein collection.

A big thank you to all the new members. And remember to sign up for emails so you get the latest announcements.


Tom is now helping to serge the linens.....he has given himself the title  The Sergin' General!

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