Monday, May 4, 2020

Ebay store is closed, you can order direct

To better assist the floss and linen club members I have temporarily closed my Ebay store. If there is something you wanted from the store you can email me direct with your order.

The fees are getting higher and high with Ebay....they charge tax.....don't combine orders properly and overcharge on may be time to leave them completely after 15 years.

We are very pleased....and overwhelmed....with over 100 new members in the last two days for the floss and linen clubs. Thank you one and all. We will start shipping tomorrow and every day through the 20th.

I am not sure if we will put a limit on the number of members....we will see how this goes. We are still isolated out in the country with the pandemic. Illinois is still in lockdown.

 A BIG thank you to all of you who post and show my products on your stitching channels.

We are still working with the post office to find out what happened with 5 packages that were picked up....they assured me they will eventually get scanned and delivered as the mail is running slow with the high volume. If yours is late please be patient. It will get there...and we will take care of you.

Take safe...stay well during all of this.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Nancy! Hope you are well! Thinking of you!

  2. Well.....silly me. Why did I not realize you had an Ebay store? Well, guess it doesn't matter at this point LOL.... Stay well and safe Nancy! ~Robin~

  3. Yep still on lockdown here in Virginia too. My head is beginning to look like a bush. Stay safe. Stitching on a piece of your fabric now and trying to decide on the shade of your blue floss to use. Leaning towards Flo Blu Dark for the Bluebird Sampler.

  4. Thank you for the update Nancy. I saw a shipping label was created on my package but it doesn’t show that it made it to post office yet. I thought you were still waiting on them to pick it up. I am still working on a project with your floss and thread and loving it so no hurry.