Sunday, July 28, 2019

New floss collections, colors, lots of news

Lots of new collections are in the works...being selected, dyed, sent to be much to do in August.

Before I start on the new collections I want to say that Paypal is sending out invoices today....I see a dozen have gone out....and I still don't know why they do that when they are scheduled for the 1st. Simply ignore them for a few days unless you want to pay early.

Collections...The new all blue and all green will be shown here in a few days. Now that my thumb is healing I can do a lot sure slowed me down with just one hand!

I will be doing another Autumn Colors collection with all new shades of beautiful reds, oranges, golds, greens, etc. Beautiful shades of Autumn. I am selecting those colors now.
All the new collections will have great variations in them with a couple extreme variegated.

I am selecting colors for a new Christmas Collection. I have done those in years past and they are popular. I would love your input.....I have done all reds, greens (medium to dark) and a couple golds....even a blue one year. What are your traditional Christmas favorites? The first two collections I dyed were the brighter reds and a cranberry red, and greens with variations in them. Holly, Ivy, evergreens.....
 The Victorian Christmas is always different....muted reds, cranberry, golds, and soft greens.

My question is: what colors do you like for a traditional Christmas collection.....AND do you want just a set of 6 available or the regular box of 12? One time I did two skeins of the same nicest red in the box of 12....I thought others might like that so they could have extra of that red. Not sure if I will do that or just one skein of each.
I would love to hear from you. You can post here...but an email to me is always the way to get a quick reply.

Then I will dye an all red favorite of course.

Next I think I will do an all browns from light to dark and lots of variegations.
Maybe a set of Primitive Tans with cream, ivory, etc.? Or maybe just Rustic Primitives? What do you like for Primitives?

I always appreciate it when you tell me what you are looking for in colors.

I currently have the purple set, pinks, the Halloween Return to Sleepy Hollow with lots of oranges and the Bewitching spells gray the spring I will do yellows.

When I show the blue and green collections this coming week I will have a new give-away for a set so be sure to check back.

Thanks for listening...have a great day!


  1. Ms. Nancy how about jewel tones as a Christmas package! Teal, orange, lime, pink as a suggestion. I would do the in a pack of 6 or 12.

  2. My all-time favorite of your Christmas Collection was the Victorian Christmas collection with the more cranberry shades of red and green. I used them to stitch Christmas Garden and the Bells on Christmas Day and used some of them in a couple more BBD samplers.

    Right now I am using your Ginger Dark for the Quaker Four Corners Sampler by Good Huswife.

    Autumn is my favorite time of year and I love the Autumn colors so look forward to that collection too. And I already have my request in for the blues collection for A Study in Blue by Sue Hillis. If I could afford it, I would order every new collection you offer.

    Can you tall I LOVE your floss.

  3. Nancy, you are very, very busy - so glad to hear that your thumb has healed. I would love to see a collection of Primitive Darks - I have many of your Prim colors in the light and medium range, would be great to add a whole collection of darks. Thanks for asking for our input!

  4. Christmas has to be red's and greens for me. Thanks, Nancy.

  5. Looking forward to the Autumn colors. Those are my favorites.

  6. I don't have input for whole collections but I would like to see/have more greens in the Emerald - Kelly green range. More blue-green than yellow-green. I seem to have a lot of acid greens in my collection and I need to balance them out!

  7. Halloween, Christmas, Primitive, Christmas Primitive... sounds amazing to me. Have you thought about doing a Blackbird Primitive set with colours that would be commonly used in their charts. They are so popular right now. Just my two cents.

  8. I loved the idea of a 6 skein vs a 12 skein collection.

  9. I don't have preference on number -- either 6 or 12 works for me. I prefer the traditional colors for Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing your new collections of blues and greens along with the soon to be new Autumn collection!

    Glad to hear your thumb is doing better and healing!

  10. Definitely like the browns idea. I have a lot of charts that I want to use VM for but not sure I'll have the right colors. Was actually heading to see what you have in stock. :)

  11. You're so sweet to ask us what we like! I have a primitive Christmas tree I put up every year with more of the darker reds and greens so I tend to lean toward the more primitive Christmas colors. I'm not a bright girl, love anything muted and primitive and I love the idea of an every day darker primitive colorway along with light and mediums with a good amount of variegation. Thank you for asking, have a great week!!! Dora

  12. Hi Nancy, I agree with Dora. A prim Christmas range with colors from dark to light and a good amount of variegation.I am looking foward to the Autumn colors as well as the browns. Gotta build up my floss stash as I stich alot, as well does my son. Thanks. Angi

  13. I love the greens and reds for Christmas. I would love to see some primitive earthy colors with more variegation and a little darker in color. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I am sure they will be beautiful!

  14. I came back to add that I'd choose 6 skein collections. :-)