Sunday, July 7, 2019

Great news for club members with the DMC price hike

DMC is having a huge price increase for the wholesale cones only, coming soon. I always do my best to help all of my customers save money and I will keep the current pricing for the club members and still offer the free skein. Nothing will change there.
DMC also changed their minimum from $1,000 to $10,000 per order for best shipping prices. These increases are huge this year.

The collections will increase from the current price of $29.99 to $33. I am already increasing the Ebay set prices as I was going to do that any ways with their high fees. Buying direct is the best way to go right now as I will wait to increase the direct sale prices until next month.

I will also increase the individual skein price shortly....probably to $2.75 each in September. All individual skein orders placed before September 1st will be $2.45 prices. If you have been waiting to is the time to do it.

Always doing my best to bring you the best value for your money.


  1. All things must go up, even prices.
    It is the sign of the times, it is not cheap dying threads or buying them.
    I understand the price increase.


  2. *sigh* I have been trying to get the beautiful prim set forever. But needs are increasing in price so fast and my kiddo is needing more as she gets older. Yet my income has not changed in almost 10 years now. My budget stretches more each year and my cross stitch budget shrinks each year. I have never used the expensive "things". I totally understand your need to pass these costs on, they will still be very reasonably priced. It is unfortunate that the big companies try to push out the very small companies that keep them going. Somehow, someday I will have that prim set. Thank you for letting us all know and for continuing to make these beautiful threads.

  3. Nancy, thanks for the heads up! Your price on your skeins is still incredibly reasonable to us.

  4. well, the only thing that's constant is change! (and your lovely flosses!) I wish somebody would figure out how to get us more stitching time! Thanks for the heads up, Nancy!

  5. Your floss is worth every penny!

  6. Thanks for letting us know. I will continue as long as I can afford to. Living on social security has its limits. You won't be the only one , I think most of those dyeing use the dmc base. Its just the way things are.

  7. Thank you Nancy, You give us such a good value as it is and I for one appreciate everything you do for your floss club members. Very understandable that if your cost goes up then ours will too. Take care...Dora

  8. That is a total bummer. The minimum charge is crazy! Have you ever tried Sullivans? Might be worth a try. I have used them and really don't see a difference and have started using them more and more.

  9. I love your floss Nancy and hate to hear this. But there is no way to avoid it with prices going up. I treasure my meager collection of your floss and go to it every time I start a new project to see if I can exchange the colors. Thanks for all you do! ((hugs))