Saturday, March 23, 2019

Changes in Club shipping dates

I want to thank everyone in the floss and linen clubs....this is a huge success and I appreciate all of you.

I need to expand the shipping dates for all of these orders. So......
floss clubs will ship from the 3rd-15th of each month.

Linen and Aida (even if it has floss) will ship from the 15th-25th. I had over 120 extra linen orders this month and it takes time to process and dye the linen for you.

As one customer told me...she makes a payment and she gets a shipment each month and it doesn't matter which day. Sounds good to me. LOL

So please be patient with your orders....if you do not receive a shipment by the last day of the month then email me and I will check the package. You can always check tracking in Paypal on your orders.

Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. Wow!!!! That's a lot of linen orders!!! I love getting my fabric! What day you ship isn't that important, as long as I get it! ;) Your fabrics are always so pretty! I even got one a couple of months ago that was my least favorite color and it was gorgeous!!!!! So, the color doesn't matter! If I live long enough, I'll use it for something! :) Thank you for your gorgeous fabric and floss!!