Monday, May 21, 2018

Invoices for Eliza Bell Cox SAL go out today

I will be sending invoices all day for the Eliza Bell Cox SAL floss packs and linen.

If you have pre-ordered these items.....please follow through! There is a lot of work involved with putting all of these together.....and if you took the time to pre-order, and I took the time to dye the items for you, I would like you to follow through with your order.

I have had several pre-orders not paid for in the past and even though I hesitated about taking all of these pre-orders....I did take them and dyed the items for you. I thank you for honoring your order with me. I hope all goes smoothly and everyone pays for their orders by Wednesday unless you have made other arrangements with me.
 I will start printing shipping labels tomorrow and packing and then orders will be mailed on Thursday. A few late orders for custom fabrics will go out Friday.

I still have floss packs available. The floss packs for the 39 colors for the Eliza Bell Cox sampler are $31.95 plus postage. Send me an email if you would like a pack.
These are 5 yard skeins with 2 colors having 10 yards.

Thank you.


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