Wednesday, May 2, 2018

All the invoices have gone out today

All of the invoices for all of the clubs have now gone out. IF you did not receive yours please let me know.
A few do not go through the first time even though it shows that it did on my end.

I will start printing shipping labels and that will take two days. Friday and Saturday are packing days and we need two full days to do this. Unfortunately the 5th falls on Saturday and some of the packages will not go out until Monday and this can't be helped. I have already decided to take 2 days for invoices starting next month, two days for shipping labels and two days for packing. 1st-6th each month. And if the clubs continue to grow I will add a day to each process. These are 12 hour days already and we will add them as needed. Thank you for understanding.

The SAL for Eliza Bell Cox (on Facebook) begins in June. I will be carding that floss all next week for the 39 colors. If you would like to orders yours please let me know. It is $31.95 plus postage. These are 5 yard skeins and two colors have 10 yards. A great bargain.


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