Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March Special Limited Editions

I meant to show you the Special Limited Editions for March. For those of you who are new to the clubs, these are different from all of the other clubs. I only sell boxes of 12 for $29 and they are very limited each month. Some great, special colors. These are the ones I give away to one member of each club each month.

I think this is my favorite so far this year. I have about 10 boxes if any of you would like one. They are $32 with postage in the states. nbelgian@aol.com

AND I will include a free surprise color!



  1. Oh my, what beautiful colors you have created.

  2. These are beautiful! I am new to the floss club so I am just now seeing this special limited edition floss. Do you create a Special Limited Edition Floss package each month?
    I just emailed you with my order. :-)
    Christine - nannystitch

  3. Hello,

    Is there any way to order this collection still?

  4. Remove me from your automatic billing. This is my second request. I suppose you could make a lot of money invoicing people this way. I have reported you as spam. You have been attempting to get money out of me since March. Stop!