Friday, January 12, 2018

Floss club invoices for January

I have had quite a few new members sign up for the floss clubs....a big thank you to all of you and welcome!!!

Since I had a lot more people this month requesting to join right now, I am quickly running out of the current month's floss.
Invoices need to be paid by the 4th as I mail floss on the 5th. If you did not pay your invoice you need to do it as soon as possible. I may not have enough floss to fill your orders and you will have to wait for floss in February.  I am sure you can all understand this and I appreciate your patience if you miss out on floss this month.
Send me an email if you have not paid and I will let you know what floss is remaining for January.

Thanks again to all the new club members. I think you will LOVE the floss for February......and I just dyed 12 special colors for the February club give-away. If you missed those details.....I dye a small amount of special colors for a drawing. I draw a name from each club, including linen/aida, and each club has a winner each month. If you receive 6 skeins with your club shipment (or1/8yd fabric), then you get 6 special skeins. If you receive 12 skeins in your club shipment (or 1/4 yd fabric), then you receive a box of 12 skeins. I also have a few boxes of these special colors to sell. I will show those colors on the 1st.

Thanks again.


  1. Can I get a February set of 12 floss?? I have to limit due to space, but think I need these!!