Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Club invoices go out tomorrow

All of the invoices will go out tomorrow for all of the floss and linen/Aida clubs. Due to the increase in the number of new members it will be an all day process sending out your invoices. IF you have not received your invoice by early evening please send me an email.

There are always a couple Paypal requests that don't seem to go through the first time, even though it says it does on my end. Two went through twice last month because it said it did not go through and try again....and it got sent twice. Just let me know if this happens and I will cancel one.

IF you need to add anything to your order, please do it today and not tomorrow. You can imagine going through all those files and sending invoices for 8 hours is a lengthy process and it goes smoother if you add anything today. I thank you in advance!
Floss is then mailed by the 5th and if you have linen or Aida your order will be mailed by the 9th.

Thank you all who are in the clubs. It is a lot of work but a lot of fun creating all these new colors and fabrics for you. I truly love what I do.....I just wish there were more hours in the day!

Have a great day!

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