Monday, August 28, 2017

A Linen Club? Yes!

I have had a couple.....actually 5 now.....ask me about the possibility of a linen club.
I was thinking that many of you would have enough floss after being in the floss clubs this year and now you might like to try limited edition linens. The linen I will be dyeing is 32, 36 and 40 count. I may add some 28 the next time I order. I actually might have some 28 in stock but will need to do these others first.

The price for the linens:

13x18" or 14x17"   will be $9.00 plus postage. The same postage as the floss club. $2.67 unless we have a postal increase.
If you still get floss and want to add linen it will add $1 to your current postage cost.

17x29" or 18x26" will be $19.00 plus $2.67 postage.

29x35" will be $39.00 plus $3.45 postage.

I  buy my 36 and 40ct linen from Wichelt and use Edinburgh and Newcastle for my base fabric I dye.
My 32ct Belgian linen I purchased a couple years ago.

So let me know if you are interested in the Linen Club or if you simply want to try the linen. Shipments can start on the 1st with the floss clubs. Yes you can switch from floss to linen, no problem. Or add linen to your floss shipments but I need to know right away. I will be dyeing linen all week. I will start with light, mottled fabrics and start showing them later this week.(or as soon as all these dark clouds go away I can take some photos) Cream, tan, sage, etc. Nothing crazy or drastic. When I have a darker or dramatic fabric I will show it here for purchases.

Month to month on the linen club. Try it once or go on auto ship....your choice. Or simply add it once to your floss order to give it a try.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of my products. I always try to bring you quality merchandise at an affordable price to save you money. I do not sell to stores because they would raise the price and defeat my purpose.

I will have a linen give-away in a couple days when I can take some photos so stay tuned.
                                                    Nancy.....the dye Queen


  1. I sent you an email about an order. Very excited about linen! BTW do you have any black floss?

    Ann Thompson

    1. I did not get the email. Yes I have black floss.

    2. I sent another email with my order, thank you!

  2. Great idea! I m would love to try 40 ct.

    1. Email me if you would like linen this month. Thank you.

  3. Definitely interested in the linen! :)

  4. Nancy, my order arrived today and it is simply Gorgeous! Sooo much more than I had anticipated it being. Thank you, thank you!