Thursday, August 24, 2017

Flower Seeds 1899 fabric, floss and frame kits

I had a wonderful visit with my friends and now it is back to work. I showed them my newest kit, a pattern I stitched a couple years ago and sold as a kit to make a pocket to put packs of flower seeds. Well I took it apart and mounted it to foam board and framed it in one of our mini motto frames. This style is rustic as it has no grooves in it to dress it up. Adorable....a little fashioned......

I simply pinned it with regular pins (since I moved so many things this past week I couldn't find the stainless pins) and then I used score tape, 1/4 inch wide, and put it on the foam board and pressed it down. Removed the pins and finished. The tape is acid free for framing. Then I put mat board on the back and the flex tabs on the frame hold everything in place.

There are a couple options for you....The model shown above is stitched on 32ct Sage linen I dyed. It is also available on antique Cream 32ct linen. To fit this frame you need 32ct. It's a little hard to see in the photo but there is roughly 1/4 inch top and bottom. The frame has an opening of 4-1/2" x 9-1/2". The little kit is complete with the pattern, linen and over dyed floss in shades of rose, taupe and two sage greens. The kit is $19 plus $2.67 postage. If you want to add the frame it is an additional $29 and the postage increases to $6.00 in the states. The frame comes with the backing and the wire hanger attached. You will need foam board to mount your little stitched piece. Actually you could tape it right to the acid free mat board but the back might look a little untidy unless you cover it.
These little frames will be available in about 1 week. We are in the process of making quite a few as they sell quickly. I use them for my mini motto kits.
You can pre-order now, email me at Payment is required to order.
When I have time I will stitch the other model on the cream linen and show it to you but I think you can imagine it with a lighter color background. I prefer the sage color myself.

Back to cutting linen and getting the dye pot ready for a marathon.............

I am dyeing more linen in 32,36 and 40ct. I sold quite a bit when my friends came to shop. I will show the linen soon and give you colors and counts available. I will give you the best prices I possibly can until there is an increase in the wholesale cost.
The 13x18" or 14x17" will be $9 each. The 17x29" and 18x26" will be $19.00 each. The 29x35" will be $39 each.


  1. Nancy, I am glad you had a good visit with your friends. What a sweet design you shared!

  2. Entering your drawing, but can't wait to see your fabric colors!!! Thanks--

  3. Your fabric is absolutely beautiful the Stitchers will go crazy over it!

  4. Very nice! I have never stitched on linen but I would love to try it.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your fabric selections! I will definitely be purchasing some 32 count Sage, at the very least!!

  6. I love your charts and your generous giveaways.
    Cant wait to use your flosses.
    Thank you,
    Linda Ficetola ❤