Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Updates for The Floss Clubs, please read

I have a couple updates for the Floss Clubs. First I want to thank the new members.......I love sharing my floss with all of you.

If you joined in January for 6 months, please update and let me know if you want to extend your membership. I send auto invoices on the 1st of each month and mail before the 5th.

If you would like to join, here are the current options:
Limited Editions or Primitive Editions is taking new members. The Ultimate Floss Club is full. Due to the large number of skeins in this collection, it takes 12-18 months to get the complete collection.

Thank you for joining the floss clubs. The response was fantastic and it is always nice to meet new members. If you would like to join, you can email and join at any time during the month.



  1. Nancy, I want to keep going as I am. Until you tire of dying new colors, I expect. =)

  2. I don't remember if I said I wanted to join for 6 months or not, but I would like to keep getting your lovely floss every month! :) Sorry for the late reply. It's been one of those weeks.