Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Treasures in the Attic Trunk new floss collection!

I love antiques. I love old trunks and I have a nice collection of them. And the treasures that you put in these trunks are from a life time of memories. Dried flowers, wedding treasures, baby clothes, etc. So I put together a nice collection of memories. And I dyed them beautiful colors. Soft, antique looking, perfect for samplers, primitives, flowers, etc....and here they are:
Some of the color names are: 1904 World's Fair, Wedding Quilt, Grandmother's Violets, Dolly's Dress, Garden Gate, School Sweethearts, Love's Promise, Summer Jasmine, etc.
Memories and treasures one would store in the attic trunk.

These are $27.99 plus postage. I will start shipping on Friday so orders your now as these always sell quickly. I will include a free skein with the first 20 orders.

I will give a set away real soon. Stay tuned!

I will have other sets available soon. I dyed quite a few colors and will be sending some out to be carded. I love the look of antique dried flowers....I also like the more dramatic and bold colors...but simply love these soft colors.

Back to the dye pot!


  1. So pretty and soft! What a great collection for so many things!

  2. Just fabulous Nancy they are beautiful...

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  4. unos colores muy bonitos



  5. Oh these are gorgeous!!!! I love old trunks too and digging in to find the treasures hidden inside! :)

  6. Oh my, but you have been busy! I like these colors too.

  7. Hello, I think if I could pick My Mother's Flower Garden I would stich a few pansies in memory of my Mom. I miss my Mom very much. If I could stitch something in memory of my Dad it would be maple syrup. Thank you for hearing me. Not having a good day. Have a good night everyone. Debbie