Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber-Monday Sales and specials

I was asked by a couple people if I have a sale for I will extend my Black Friday sales for the Cyber-Monday.

If you missed the details of the last sale....this was it:
Black Friday Specials!
Everyone loves a great buy....a great gift.....specials are fun!
 I sell wholesale to the all know that by now. Below wholesale on my floss. But I still love to give special prices when I can. So here are a few things available NOW THROUGH Black Friday:  THROUGH SUNDAY WITH EXTENSION
email me

The Ultimate Floss Collection is 135 of my 20 yard skeins. 2700 yards of floss! It is $330.75. The special sale price is $299 (plus postage) for this sale. In a nice gift box with a card and makes the best present.


Gift Certificates from The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe:
To purchase, the $25 certificate will be $20
The $50 gift certificate will be $40
The $75 gift certificate will be $62.50
The $100 gift certificate will be $85.
These make great gift for friends or yourself to use at a later date.
I send you a paypal request, fill out your gift certificate and email or mail it to you or a friend. Or I mail it when you request as a gift.
The grab bag special is 25 skeins (500 yards) of past limited edition skeins of floss, in a little gold mesh bag with a gift card, and is $40 plus postage. My choice of colors.
Thanks for stopping by.....back to work!

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