Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thank you! I have the best followers!

I just wanted to take the time to write a brief post to thank all of you for your kind words and offers to help me card the floss. It really lifted my spirits after being so overwhelmed with all of this work to do. I have a couple more 10 hour days left and then I will be happy with the thousands of cards that I did. I wanted to do 100 of each color to start and for most of the colors I did a lot more than that. I have a deadline as some of my Kansas friends are coming to visit in a couple weeks and I always like to have new merchandise to show them. Even if I didn't we would still have a great time but it makes it more fun with more goodies!

I finally got the part I ordered 4 weeks ago for my sewing machine so I will be whipping up new sewing necessaries this week......of course I will give one away! Stay know there is always a gift going out of here to a stitching friend.

Thanks for stopping by....and thanks again for being such supportive and caring friends/followers. I truly am blessed!


  1. Awe... Got to love the blogging community!
    It just sounds crazy the amount of work involved with all your threads, I hope you do manage to get a little extra help. Such a shame I don't live nearer, I would of loved to help out :)
    Sending you a big smile :)

    1. Now you know Jacquie that we would have way too much fun and never get any work done! Love you!

  2. How lovely of your followers Nancy - the stitching community is the best!

  3. Sorry that i live in Belgium other i help you hugs Marie-Claire

  4. Nancy you are always so busy I wish i had your energy!!!!! I love the new sets you have!!!!

  5. It sounds like you're on the "home stretch" now. I hope you can get everything done that you want so that you can enjoy your friends' visit.

  6. es todo un placer seguir tus trabajo , son fantasticos y tu mas que generosa , gracias a ti por compartirlo



  7. Wow! You're just-a-rockin!!! Enjoy your friends visit!!

  8. I know you will enjoy your visit with your Kansas friends, Nancy! Glad the part for your sewing machine has arrived. Thinking of you!

    Robin in Virginia

  9. Just wanted to let you know I posted on my blog about the threads I won and the stitchy plans I have for some of them already. They are truly gorgeous and I love them! Thank you again!