Wednesday, September 16, 2015

$50 gift certificate winner!

As promised, as I mailed out 3 gift boxes of floss today, one has a $50 gift certificate with it! I do hope the lucky winner will post after she receives it. I would like others to see what goodies you purchase with it.
Here was the original post and I am repeating it as promised. I have mailed out one $25 and one $50 gift certificate this week. One lady had bought 6 boxes of floss so far and she has a great gift from me with this package. I think she will be surprised when she opens the box!


Nancy and her Floss Factory! Not Willy Wonka....but great prizes!!!!!

I was chatting with a friend and she said my give-aways were better than Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! My kids loved that 1971 movie with Gene Wilder........and it made me stop and think on it. You guessed it!!! In Willy Wonka there were 5 candy bars that would have a golden ticket and you had to find one. How about a surprise gift certificate for merchandise from my shop? One out of every 10 boxes will have one!
It's never too early to start buying those gifts for stitching friends. And if you get the gift certificate you can redeem it or give it away! I will give 8 of the $25 gift certificates and 2 of the $50 gift certificates to start the upcoming holiday season. It will be here before you know it!
Read on.....

I got the new gold foil boxes for the Christmas sets. Antique Christmas with reds, greens and gold, and Victorian Christmas with cranberries, greens and golds. I also made the new cards to go with each gift box.

This special gift certificate give-away is only available when you buy direct from me, not on ebay. I wanted to give my special followers the chances to win.
I will number and hand sign each certificate. One in 10 is a winner! If you already purchased boxes.....I will make note of that and lower your odds of winning. For instance, a lot of my customers bought two boxes already. So 1 in 8 is a winner. I thought that was only fair because some purchased 4 boxes and more.
The gift certificate will be taped on the bottom of the box. That way you don't have to tear it open to find it.
I thought this was a nice customer appreciation give-away. I have a lot of regular customers and I truly appreciate your business.

I will repeat this post once a week for a while so everyone sees it. I know a lot of you are regular bloggers and some just occasional.

Thanks for stopping by so I could share this fun news with you! Good luck everyone!


  1. Ooooh....I hope they post their win too.

  2. How exciting! Congratulations to your lucky winners.

  3. Congratulations to all of the winners. Its a lovely thing you do Nancy! I love seeing your merchandise and feel part of the whole thing even if I don;t win. yay to everyone!

  4. Ooooh Congratulations to the lucky winners!!!!

  5. Congratulation to the winner Marie-Claire

  6. Congratulations to all your winners - lucky ladies. xx