Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Working on new samplers and lots of spring sales going on

I am working on a couple new samplers at the same time. I work on one.......then get an idea for another so I jot that down.....then go back and forth as new elements for the design come to me. I truly love to put a design on paper and watch it unfold.

A had a couple requests for my next weekend sales.....and I thought I would extend it all through April to help everyone.
Buy 5 packs of chenille trim and you get one free. I have that sale all the time on ebay.
Buy 5 packs of hand dyed ric rac you get one free. Buy 5 packs of hand dyed buttons and get one free.
Buy 5 yards of cluny ric rac trim and get one free.
Free shipping on the 1795 Sampler floss collection. Worldwide! Saves up to $20. Buy through me as the sale is only in America on ebay for this floss collection.
I am clearing out my eyelet trim and listing lots of new colors. I have a couple more rolls I could dye but maybe I will just sell the natural by the yard.
I need to list a lot of small trims that I want to drop from my inventory. I sold the bulk of each set and need to list the extras. I still have a huge inventory of trim I would like to sell before we move in 18 months. I don't want to have to move all those boxes of trims. I am listing some great bargains in my store this week.
Thanks for stopping by.....

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