Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another model sampler is finished and I am thrilled with it

Preserve My Heart Secure sampler is finished. I just received it today from a model stitcher and I am thrilled with it. This is stitched with DMC on my sage linen. She did a beautiful job stitching for me...I am so lucky to have so many model stitchers with time to spare.
I need to select a frame...maybe one of my antique frames I have (I have a closet full). Now I need to find some time just to frame some of these pieces.
I have been swamped with stitching mottoes for ebay customers...I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. One more to go after I finish this current one...and there are days I wonder if my hands are going to hold out. I truly have to quit stitching mottoes for customers. I haven't stitched for myself in ages.
Thanks for stopping sure to enter the custom family name sample chart give-away in a previous post.


  1. It is are right to feel pleased with it. Gorgeous!

  2. It turned out gorgeous! Blessings,Jen

  3. Maybe put the Mottos out as patterns and see if they want to stitch their own?? Hope your hands hold out and LOVE all your new patterns!!

  4. So pretty! Your stitcher did a beautiful job. What gorgeous samplers you have designed.


  5. Hi Nancy,
    I didn't want to email you because I think your email may be hacked. I just got a weird link from your email address.
    I hope you see this. And of course, all your samplers are beautiful!
    mgw070 at shaw dot ca

  6. Thank you Maureen....several people sent me emails yesterday to tell me so I changed my pass word immediately. Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience. Don't these hackers have a life??

  7. Yes, indeed, she did a beautiful job. It looks great on that linen!

  8. I think the hackers need to learn to stitch; it would be a much better use of their time. Love your new sampler, Nancy!

    Robin in Virginia

  9. A beautiful sampler, Nancy. love it!

  10. Magnifique broderie bonne journée Marie-Claire