Sunday, March 2, 2014

Leave No Tender Word Unsaid, new sampler

I completed another sampler pattern last night and did some fine tuning on the chart cover this morning. Of course it will be replaced when the sampler is stitched...which will be a ways down the road. This design is179 x 127 stitches, 11.2" x 7.9" finished size. 16ct (32ct linen). I wanted this to fit any 9 x 12 inch frame to make it easier for you. It has a nice two tone leaf border. It reads:

Leave no tender word unsaid
Love while life shall last
The mill will never grind again
With water that is past

I put a date on this one....I don't know why I don't like putting dates on samplers. Maybe because the antiques had's nice to see the old ones...but I just don't care for dates on new ones. You could add your initials instead of the date...that's an option. You could also leave the date off all together.
The colors I am actually using look darker/brighter with the stitching program. Colors are softer and more subtle. Charted for DMC and full cross stitches
I have two patterns that need to go out to model stitchers this week and I received two back from model stitchers. I would show pictures of those but we are in a snow/ice storm and it is too dark to take nice photographs so they will have to wait. You not only make hay while the sun also take photographs!
I have to stitch a couple mottoes for a customer so this will be a long week ahead. I have a verse in mind for the next sampler so I will whittle away at it each day.
Stay tuned for a give-away for a sample pattern of your choice. You knew we would have one!
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  1. Beautiful Nancy! I think the storm is supposed to be here late this afternoon. I am ready for spring~

  2. Lovely new sampler - I look forward to seeing the actual colors you have chosen for it!

  3. A wonderful sampler and sentiment!

  4. Ooh, I really love this one. Such a beautiful verse, and lovely colors!

  5. Love this sampler, actually, love them all so far.Nice work.

  6. Looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  7. Another beautiful sampler. Love the verse.

  8. I love this one. You did great Nancy!

  9. The date isn't that bad XD
    It may look weird at the moment because it is recent but 50 years later people are going to be happy that they can tell when it was stitched :D
    This one is so pretty <3

  10. Love the sentiment of this sampler :) And I think the date is important, not for us now, but I like to think people in 50/100 years will look at what we are stitching now the same way we look at what was stitched 50/100 years ago. My grandmother has a stitched sampler that it was either sitched by her great grandmother or great great grandmother, but because it doesn't have the date nor the initials we can't know who was it that made it and it's a pity.

  11. Love this one, Nancy. In fact, I think it would be wonderful with any verse someone may want to use. I love the border and all the lovely motifs inside. This will be a must have for me.
    Judy in Kansas