Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I need a model stitcher in the US

     I have been very busy since I recovered from the holidays. I have completed 3 sampler patterns and two will be in the mail to model stitchers shortly. Now....I will be needing more model stitchers. I have a few requirements.....I need you to be in the US. With high postal costs and shipping time I think you can understand my position. For the samplers...they will be on 32ct linen and they will be around 11 x 11 inches or 12 x 12 inches. The going rate was a penny per stitch....and I am looking for someone who wants to trade for floss. An average sampler would be around $150.00 for you....and I would be happy to send my $156 Sampler Floss Collection (1600 yards and would be over $600 from other companies) and pay all postage. Or linen. Or you could select floss from any in my store. Some samplers will be $200 in pay.....and I would pay half cash and half floss or linen.
These are all full cross stitches. The sayings on some will be over 1 but most are over 2.
    MOST IMPORTANT! I need someone who has the time to stitch. And stitch quickly. And has very nice stitches and neat on the back.  I can't wait 6 months for you to complete this. I am looking for someone who will quickly stitch for me, say within 1 month. I know that would leave out the part time stitchers but I think you can understand my position. I could show the pattern stitched with the stitching program...but the linen colors they offer just don't satisfy me....or make the sampler look as good as it should. I may do that on one here and there....
    So if you think you might be interested....please email me at nbelgian@aol.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for listening.....
P.S. Several emails have come in...I now have 4 stitchers and still wanting to line  up more.


  1. I hope you find the right one! It is so hard as model pneices need to be stitched with crosses all going the same way and no threads showing at the back. I don't know if it will help but I also have a deal with my stitcher that if it is a design she would like to keep, she supplies the materials and sends photos..once I am happy with the photos, I pay for the stitches. I got lucky with mine though and I am afraid she isnt in the USA. By the way, I have released all of this years charts using your threads on the models and charts. Two so far and one more with a stitcher, and I will be starting another tomorrow. I love them and cannot praise them enough!

  2. I too hope you find a great, helpful stitcher. You deserve the help. You are such a dear Nancy.

  3. I just lined up a gal to do some stitching for me....so now I have three stitchers and still looking for others as I will be doing a lot of samplers.

  4. Oh how I wish I were that good! I can't wait to see your samplers, I do love your floss.

  5. I am sure you will find someone Nancy. I would love to do it, if it were smaller pieces. I have committed to my charity cross stitch group and am not sure I would have the time for that size work. But maybe in the future. What a great idea to trade out some of your lovely floss.

  6. I would love to stitch for you, with your great flosses, but with working full time outside of the home, and coming home and working my husband's business... I barely have time for myself! But look forward to seeing what you've designed! Hugs!

  7. I would love to stitch for you but... I´m in Spain!
    Maybe next time!

  8. I just emailed you. I already do a little model stitching and a big block of time has been freed up since my "baby" graduated from HS.

  9. Would love to, but just wouldn't be able to get it done in your time frame.

  10. J'aimerai bien vous aider mais je ne peu pas si vite et j'habite en Belgique Marie-Claire